Sunday, July 10, 2016

Luke-warm AND ... Loving It?! + PRAYER: Lord, I Am A Sinner

                Increased With Goods!
                                                           Don't Need A Thing!

The World's Ills Can't Us Sting!

What A Joke!

Excuse Me?!

You Are Really Fooling Yourselves!

Says Who!?!

Can't You Feel That You Are Wretched?
Stop Pretending You Are Happy
From Sin Walk Away!
Acknowledge You Have A Problem
Seek God For The Solution!
Living For The Praise Of Man
Places You Squarely In The Eternal Judge's Hands!

Everybody Can See That You Are Quite Miserable!
Everybody Can Hear When
While Holding Hands
You War For Supremacy!
Stop Trying To Fool The World
With Your Claims Of God's Approval
Accept That Your Glitter Is Not Fooling Anybody!

Don't You Understand That You Are Poor In God's Sight?
Don't You Understand That God Sees Not As Does Man?
Are You Not Aware That Your Eyes Are Fair Oozing
When You Wipe Them There's Yampee On Your Hand?

Didn't You Know That You Were Blind 
When You Led The Polished Gathering Into That Ditch?
It's Shameful That You Are So Bold
Wrong In The Preaching Of Let Us Gain Covet
As You Were Panning For Earth's Fools Gold Bright Nuggets!

You May Be Well-dressed But Your Butt Is Quite Naked 
The World Can Fair See Your Great Shame!
Look To The Lord
For Real
Stop Faking It!
Look To The Glad Day
Stop Casting Your Sure Inheritance Away!

I Beg Your Pardon!
We ARE The Church Of God
And God Really Blesses!
Look At Us!
Do We Look To You To Be Miserable
Wretched Poor?!
Some Of Us Wear Glasses
So We Cannot Be Blind
And We Can't Be Naked
For Our Clothing Comes
From The Likes Of Such As Christian Dior!

You REALLY Are Wretched
Poor AND Naked!
You Are So Full Of Yourself
You Can't Even Walk Through The Open Door
Which The God Of The Ransomed Church
Has Laid Open For His Faithful 
Those Ones Who Acknowledge
That By Themselves
They Are Truly Poor!

Jesus Christ, Himself
Sends This Message Unto You:

Thou Art Luke-warm

And I Will Spew Thee
Out Of My Mouth!

Anoint Thine Eyes With Eyesalve 
That Thou Mayest See!

Buy Of Me White Raiment
To Cover The Shame Of Thy Nakedness!
Buy Of Me Fire-Tried Gold
That Thou Mayest Truly Be Rich!

Those Whom I Love
I Rebuke And Chasten!
So, Correct Your Walk
Least I Say Unto Thee
Thou Worker Of Iniquity
Departest Thou From Me!

You Are Kidding, Right!

God Does Not Kid!

Earthly Awards And Rewards
Speak Not Of God's Approval!
Position And Power
Don't Mean God Approves Of You Today
Access Dress
Prowess And Investments
Do Not Mean
You Have A Free Pass
Will Unfailingly Walk Through
Heaven's Golden Gate Ingress!

Be Zealous For God!
Repent Of Your Transgressions!
Jesus Himself Is Knocking At Your Heart's Door!
If You Will Hear Him
Don't Harden Your Heart!
Let Him In
Eat With Him
In The Great Day
After You The World Overcoming
You Will Sit With Him
In His Glorious Throne
At The Time Of Celebrating 
Your Longed For Homecoming!

Scales Fell Out Of Blinded Eyes


Praying Is Heard ...!



Dear Lord,
I Am A Sinner, And How!
I Really Liked That Pretty Stuff
It Left Marks On My Hands
And In My Head
And Peace From Me Has Surely Fled!

I See My Error!
I Acknowledge That I Have A Need Of You
And I Recognize 
That I have Been Walking In Shoes
On The Deadly Path
That Truly Took Me Away From You!

You Say I Can Call You, Father!
Father, I Know
I Have Been Walking The Wrong Way
So, In The Name Of Jesus
Forgive Me
And Teach Me How To Walk Right
And Live The Right Way!

Renew Me!
Remake Me!
Bless Me!
You Know How!
I Make My Stand Today!
Take Me, Lord!
I Am All Yours Now!
I Humbly Vow!