Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Multiplying By Dividing!

I Suffer No Lack By Giving
I Always Get Returns From The Living God
My Giving Multiplies My Receiving
For It Says So In The Eternal God's Eternal Word!

Cast Thy Bread Upon The Water
And It Will Return Unto You
After Many Days!


Give And It Will Come Back To You!

Is What The God Who Sacrificially Loves Us
In His Plain Word Says 
That He Will Unto Us Do!

If The Living God Said It
I Can
Without A Doubt
Believe It
If I Truly Believe
What The Holy Word Says
About Planting Good Seed
I Shall
No Doubt
A Blessed Harvest Receive!

There Is One Caution
That I Must State:
One Does Not Ever Give To Receive
If That Be Our Sole Motivation
Be It Unto All Believers Made Known
That We Are By The Dying Fraud
Dreadfully Deceived!

God Willingly Gave His Only Begotten Son
Who Willingly Gave His Own Life
A Ranson For All
A Free Gift To All
- Which Only A Few Shall Receive -
So That The Fallen Ones' Separation From God
May Be Totally Relieved!

Herein We Have Our Example
Of Giving
All The While Knowing
That The Majority Of  Receivers
Are A Bunch Of Ingrates!

So, Give ...

Even Though We May Not
- Probably Will Not -
Ever Receive Earthly Thanks!
Our Private Giving
Is Recorded By
Rewarded By
The Same God Who Gives Unto Us
Length Of Days
Who Shall Surely All Men
- Grateful Ungrateful -
Unerringly Pay!

Remember ...

God's Prize-Giving aka
Reward Ceremony
Home-Coming Celebration
Is Not Far Distant From Today!

We Have Freely Received
So Let Us Freely Give
That Our God Will Bless Us In That Glorious Day
Just As His Inerrant Word Says!

If We Are Blessed
To Have What To Give
Let Us Give
Without Stressing Over
Our Supposed Future Lack By Dividing
The Lord Who Blessed Us
Has A Generous Hand
Which Is Likened Unto
A Multi-Fawceted Sieve
We Will Always Have Enough
Upon Which To Daily Live!


Pray To God For Enough
For Yourself
A Little Bit More
To Give Unto The Have-Not
The Poor!


He Who Always Willingly Gives
Always Has Something For Self
Something More To Give!

Try It ... And See God Work!