Thursday, July 28, 2016


The Following Is A Plan
A Path
A Map
A Journey
A Lamp
A Light
A Wick
A Stick

Some Will Choose The Way!
Some Will Deal With The Devil!
Some Will Want An Attorney!
All Will Deal With The Judge!
Some Will Deal With The King - No Jury!
Many Will Deal With The Executioner
Who Will Act With Fury
Upon Those Who Reject
Jesus Priest
Who Left Glory
To Become The Accursed
The Least
To Teach The Lost
How To Become Liberated
From Satan aka Lord Fleece!

Take A Finger Walk!
Utilize A Think Tack!
You May Explore
You Don't Have To
Open Every Door!

If You Are A Believer
Well And Good!

If You Escaped The Deceiver
Was It Because On Christ You Knowingly Stood?

If You Are Looking For The Leader
Try Jesus The Good
Know That Whichever Path You Take
It Involves A Flood!

Look Into James' Bible AND Learn!
Learn From Your  James' Bible AND Live!
Live For The Lord!
Cut Satan's False Attachment Cords!
Choose To Walk Toward The Lord
With Whom
In Whom
By Whom
There Is Great Reward
Choose To Ignore
False Claims Of Christian Doom And Gloom
Through The Faith Of Jesus Christ
Radiantly Bloom!

Step 1: Thoughtfully Read Every BLUE Line

Step 2: Choose Either To Incline Or To Recline

Step 3: ChooseEither To Confine Your Actions Or To Define Your Position

Step 4: Choose Either To Conflate Or To Inflate

Step 5: Choose ONE Line Each Of A or B:


Licks To Learn
Learn To Lead
Lead To Licks
Lean Toward
Lean On

Step 6: Build A Ladder
That Will Not Break When Shaken
That Will Not Fall Though Folded


Start Walking
Acknowledging That:

  • Mistakes And Accidents Happen
  • Malice Sneaks In
  • Pride Is A Passion


  • Covetousness Is A Sin!


Choose Your Choice And Give Hope A Voice:

There Is No Limit To The Number Of Choices You May Make!

  • Loving The Lord ... BUT Looking
  • Looking For The Lord ... AND Learning
  • Learning Of The Lord ... YET Leaning
  • Leaning On The Lord ... AND Losing
  • Losing For The Lord ... BUT Winning
  • Winning For The Lord ... BUT Failing
  • Failing Because Of The Lord ... BUT Rising
  • Rising Because Of The Lord ... YET Living
  • Living For The Lord ... AND Looking
  • Looking For The Lord ... AND Waiting
  • Waiting For The Lord ... AND Amen!

Your Walk Is Your Own!
Your Destination Is Yours Alone!
By Prayer
You Can Get Jesus Christ
On Your Personal Telephone
And Remember
That With Jesus Christ
You Will Not Walk Alone!