Tuesday, July 26, 2016

PRAYER: Lord, Lift Me Up

Oh, That Men Would Would Bless Him Who Did Bear The Cross!
Oh, That Men Would Lift Up The Royal Name!
Oh, That Men Would Hold On The Living Hope!
Oh, That Men Would Cast Away Their Common Shame!
Oh, That Men Would Call In Hope And With Faith Unto The Divine
So That In The Great Day
They May Cross The Separating Line!

Oh, That Men Would Wear God's Truth As A Robe!
Oh, That The Gospel Of Truth Would Be The Standard
By Which All Men Walk The Line!
Oh, That Men Would Believe That The Eternal God Is Kind
Trust Not The Word Of Fallen Men 
Who Think False Godhood Covering Themselves Is Sublime!

Dear Lord,
Your Word Is Holy
Wholly Complete!
You Are A God Of Order
And Confusion Has No Place At Your Feet!
Your Word Is Immutable -
You Stride Not On Fickle Feet
And You Give Unto No Man
Christened Delicious Treats Sweet!

Your Character Is Inviolable!
You Are The Great I AM!
You Are The God Holy
Not A Rough Goat Called Ram!
You Are The God Of All Graces
The Provider Of Living Peace
The God Of Endless Ages
The God Of Eternal Peace!

Dear Lord,
I Come As One Humble
Setting Aside The Way Perverse!
I Come To You, My Father
To Be Cured Of The Curse!
I Come, Lord
Knowing That By My Self
I Shall Stumble
And Ask You
Beloved Master
To Lift Me Up
When I Fumble The Truth
And As A Result
On The Holy Way Stumble!

I Long To Be As My Jesus!
I Desire To Acquire
The Character Of Christ!
I Have No Love
For The Boisterous Chatter Of Life
Desire To Be Helped
To Avoid The  Deceiver's Devilish Devices!

Help Me To Stand Out
When Others Step Up
Seeking To Within Me
Rear Up
Mankind's Unprofitable Ungodly Fear!

By Your Grace, Lord
I Shall Stand Up For Jesus!
I Shall Step Away From Sin!
I Shall Be To My God
A Wholly Willing
Sanctified Person
Standing On The Side
Of Him
Who For Me Died!

I Am Looking Up
For I Am Looking Forward 
To Going Up To Meet Him
Who Is Coming Down
To Receive Me
Who Caused Him
To Die In My Stead!

Lord, Lift Me Up
And Help Me To Not My Salvation
Mess Up!

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From A Heart Yearning For Thee
For I Love You, Lord!