Saturday, August 6, 2016

No Luck, Good Luck, Blessings: Perspectives + PRAYER: Lord, Save Me!

I Have No Luck!


I SAID That I Have No Luck!
Without Me, Bad Luck Would Have No Name!
Because Of Me, Good Luck Walks Around Chained
In Shame!

What Rubbish!

How Can You Say That?!

I Can Say That Because I Have Jesus Christ!

Wow! De Liddle Quistian Got The Big JC!
Whoopty Doo!
He Ain't No Way Never Done Nothing For Me
Which Is Why
As I Have Already Said
I Have No Luck!

Oookay. That's Your Perspective!

A Little While Later
In A Different Location ...

I Trust God On The Big Box Items
Fickle Christian That I Am
I Mistrust God On The Details Of Life
End Up
Falling For Satan's Rubbish And Scams!

Woe, Is Me!
Lord God Almighty
What's To Become Of Me?!

And Still Later
And Down The Road A Piece 
There Is A Trembling Christian
Fervently Praying ...

Lord, You Have Nothing To Prove To Me!
You Have Been Faithful All The While!
Help Me To Stop Doubting You 
In The Miscellaneous Aisle
And To Trust You
In The Life Trucking Isle!

You Are The God Of My Hope!
You Are Glorious!
You Provide Me With Blessings All The Day!
You Provide Blessings In
Spring Summer
Winter And Fall
Even When I
Your Beloved Name
Don't Call!

Oh, Father
Forgive Me My Sin Called Doubt!
Help Me To Keep Your Holy Spirit Within
For The Eternal Win
For You Are The Holy God 
Of Pure And Certain Things!

Please, Lord!
You Are Mine!
My Heart To You Is Inclined!
Lift Me Up
And Help Me To Lift You Up
You Are My Battle Ensign!

I Love You, Lord!
Save Me!


How Are YOU Standing?!