Tuesday, August 2, 2016

PRAYER : I Need You, Lord

I Love You, Lord
I Will Glady Eat
What You, In Love
Daily Feed Me
For I Have No Desire
To Permit Satan To Lead Me
To Pastures Of Pretty Provisions
Where The Eating Costs Plenty!

Father, My Soul Is In You
I May Eat Grass
But I Shall Be In You
Fat And Flourishing
For I Am Nourished
From The Living Hand
That Was Dead
The Hand Of The Glorious King
Who Willingly Died In My Stead
So That I
May Be Made Fit
For Heaven
After Having By His Grace
Been Suitably Fed!

Lord, I Have No Need
For Gold-leaf Covered
Spinach Leaves!
I Have No Need For Water
Filtered Through Precious Stones As Rocks!
I Have No Need For
Caviar-Grade Meals
But I Need Ever Always
To Have You
As Provider Of My Necessary Meals!

I Need You, Lord
To Provide Me With Spiritual Food!

I Need You, Lord
To Guide Me And Help Me To Stay Away
From The Wrong Path
Where Once I Stood!

I Need You, Lord
To Bless Me
Heal Me
Guide Me
Out Of The Monster's Woods
Where Satan Himself
Is Builder Director Perfector
Of The Dark Neighborhood!

Lord, Help Me To Live In The Light
So That I May See My Jesus As King
At The Passing
Of Earth's Long Night!
In Jesus' Name, I Make My Plea!
Oh, How I  Love You, Lord!