Monday, August 1, 2016

The Conversation + PRAYER: Father, Show Mercy

No,  I Don't Want To Go To Your Party!
No,  I Do Not Drink!
You Are Welcome To Have Your Opinion
But I Prefer To Walk Upright
Upon Jesus Christ Think!

Yes, I Know How To Enjoy Myself!
No,  I Don't Need Alcohol To Help Me Relax!
Yes,  I Am A Christian
That Is Your Mouth!
Say What You Will!
There Is No Mouth Tax!

No,  We Can't Walk Together
For We Do Not Agree!
You Are Happy Drinking Juice With The Devil!
I Am Happy Drinking Water With Jesus For Free!

I Have Nothing Against You Personally!
I Just Don't Like The Life That You Lead!
Yes,  I Was Once A Bold Sinner
As A Sinner Saved
I Stopped Giving Satan's Steed Free Feed!

I Am Not Going To Fight With You!
When You Need My Help
Remember That I Am Here!
Until Then
I Will For You And Myself
Keep Praying
I Will Plead That You Will 
From Fear Of Friendlessness Turn Away
Unto The True Friend
Even This Very Day!

Only Jesus Can Fix A Sinner's Life!
Satan Is The Liar
He Tries To Keep Us Mired In Strife!
Give Him The Heave Ho!
Jesus Will Come To You!
His Spirit Will Comfort You!
His Angels Will Protect You
You Must Reach Out To The Hand
Extended To You
Answer The Voice
That Is Calling To You!

I Love You!
Truly,  I Do
I Cannot Make That Particular Decision For You!

May I Pray With You?
Maybe Some Other Day!
I Pray That God Will Help You
To Pass This Test!
God Be With You!

Have Mercy On My Friend
Who Straddles The Fence
Wishing To Run With You And With Herd!
I Pray, Lord
That You Will Show Mercy
To This Beloved One
Whose Flesh Is Weak!
Pity This Child, Father
Give Courage To This Beloved One
Whose Life Is Darkening
Have Mercy, Dear Father
Bless Them With Ears
That Will Hear You Speak
And A Heart That Is Not Stony!
Give Them A Heart That You Can Teach
Remember Me As Well, Dear Lord
For I Love You
And I, Too, Was Once - Without You - Weak!