Saturday, August 27, 2016

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH: Mingling Praise With Petitions!!

Mindy Gottit
Grew Up
Grossly Gratified
Through The Gains Of Greed
Generously Granted To Her
By Grandfather Gottfried
Granny Anne-Gel!

The Gottit's
Were Notorious
For Being Gross Grabbits!
"Thank You!"
Was Not A Phrase
Heard Used Amongst Them
Neither Did It Enter Into Their Minds
To Praise Anyone
For A Benefit That They Received
From Another's Hands!

Yet ...

Believe It Or Not
These Gottit Grabbits
Were Rabidly Insistent
That Every Single Person
- For Whom They Had Done
The Merest Favor -
Had To
Bow And Scrape
Kiss Their Rings
Sing Their Praises Profusely
Else They Be Called
"The Ingrate!"

One Fine Day ...

The Most Important Personage In The Public
Opened Up His Castle
Stating That
He Would Be Granting Requests
To Those Who Willingly Made Petitions!

D'Lordd's Castle 
Had Twelve -  12 -  Gates
A Note Was Affixed
To Every Single Gate!

The Note On The Castle Gate One Said:

Ask -  And It Shall Be Given!
Seek - And Ye Shall Find!
Knock - And The Door Shall Be Opened Unto You!

Gate TWO Said:
Give Thanks ... With A Grateful Heart!

Gate THREE Said:
By Prayer And Supplication 
Let Your Requests Be Made Known Unto God!

Gate FOUR Said: 
Oh, Give Thanks Unto The Lord For He Is Good!

Gate FIVE Said:
The Lord Bless You And Keep You!

Gate SIX Said:
Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!

Gate SEVEN Said:
Praise Is Comely!

Gate EIGHT Said:
All Of Your Help Cometh From The Lord!

Gate NINE Said:
Thanks Be To God!

Gate TEN Said:
Hallelujah Is The Highest Praise!

Gate ELEVEN Said:
Oh, Give Thanks Unto The Lord 
His Mercy Endureth Forever!

Gate TWELVE Said:
No Good Gift Will Be Withheld!

No Surprise! No Shock ...

The First Petitions Received Came 
From Those Grabbits
The Gottit's!

They Had All Seen
Gate ONE
Like A Ravening Locust Horde
The Grabbit Gottit's Got Their Got's On
Grossly Gluttonous
They Made Their Greedy Requests Known!

Then ...
A Strange Thing Was Seen Occurring ...

The Poor
The Peaceful
The Polite
The Widows
The Oppressed
The Distressed
The Repressed
The Demoniacs
The Manic
A Lawyer
A Thief
A  Law School Teacher
A Tax Collector
The Town Whore
The Hungry
The Needy
Were Seen
Walking Around The Castle!

Each Person 
Stood Firmly
Faithfully Read
Every Single Note
On Every Single Door
As If Life Itself
In The Then Viewed Note
On The Current Door!

As Full Understanding Dawned
They Each Smiled
Raised Their Hands
With Blessed Assurance
Each Went To The Door
Made Their Petition
Unto D'Lordd!

As Time Passed
The Grabbit Gottit's 
Started Spreading Talk 
Around Town
That D'Lordd Was The Liar
That D'Lordd Never Answers Petitions
That D'Lordd Was Full Of Hot Air
That They Wanted Nothing More To Do With 

There Was A Fine To-Do
Around The Town
Just About Every Body
Who Had Walked Around To D'Lordd's Way
Had Had Their Needs Met
They Were Praising D'Lordd!

Gottfried Gottit
Washed Out His Mouth
On D'Lordd
Until ...
Like A Proverb
A Little Child
Led Him To The Truth!

That Little One Said
In Bell-like Tone:

"If D'Lordd's Words Resided In You
And You 
Had Resided In D'Lordd
Your Petitions 
Would Have Been Received!"

BUT ...

Said Gottfried:

"I Did What Gate ONE Said To Do 
And I Got Bupkiss!"

A Voice Was Heard Asking :

"If You Saw A Gate Marked ONE
What Should That Have Told You?"

"That There Was Another Gate!"
Those Assembled Cried In Unison!

BUT ...

Replied Gottfried:

Going Looking For Another Gate
Required Effort
And I Just Didn't See Why
I Should Walk Around!  
That Is Hard Work 
And I Pay People To Get My Work Done!
ONE Is My Favorite Number
It Becomes My Station In Life!

"Man, You Need To Humble Yourself Before D'Lordd!"

"Did You Open The Door!"

"Door?! What Door?!"

"ALL Who Go To D'Lordd
Must Believe
That He Is 
And That He Is A Rewarder
Of Those Who Diligently Seek Him!"

Who Said Anything About Believing?"

"I Read That D'Lordd Gives Good Gifts
I Like Presents
The Note Said: ASK!
I Asked! Nothing To It!"

"Didn't You Ever Receive Anything From D'Lordd?"

But It Was Just Something Good That 
I Really, Really, Needed!

 A Voice Was Heard Saying:

He Just Wants The Bread And Fish!!

True!!  True!!

A Voice Asked:

Did You Give "Thanks!" 

And Praise To D'Lordd 
Just Like You 
That Everybody Give You "Thanks!" 
And Praise For Everything ...

...  Including Their Paycheck 

That They More Than Earned!

Why Should I 
Gottfried Gottit
Say "Thanks!" 
For Something 
D'Lordd Asked Me 
To Ask Him For?!

Why Should I 
Praise D'Lordd 
For Giving Me Something 
That He Offered Me!

Raised In A Barn!!

Who Said That?

I Did!  Said Ma Rainey!
And I Cast Upon Your Head 
Your Charge Against Anybody 
Who Does Not Thank And Praise You 
According To Your Overblown Ideals!
You - Gottfried Gottit - Are An Ingrrraate!!

D'Lordd Gives Unto Us
In His Far-seeing Wisdom
Is Best For Us!
He Is Our Sovereign Lord
In Gratitude
For His Unmerited Favor Toward Us
We Give Willing Praise And Thanks!

That Gottfried Thinks He Is The Cat's Meow!

And He Believes His Requests Are Good Gifts To D'Lordd!

Suddenly ...

D'Lordd Is Noticed Walking Toward The Assembly!



Gottfried! Walk With Me!
But, But, But, I Didn't Do Anything!

Now, Walk With Me!

We May Never Know What D'Lordd Said To Gottfried
He Is A Changed Man
A Real Change Is Being Seen 
Among The Former Grabbit Gottit's!

They Are Turning Into The Gottit Givvitt's!

They Give Praise!
They Give Thanks!
They Are 
- Out Of Thankful Hearts -
Even Giving Gifts To Others
Doing Missionary Work
(No Need To Gasp)
They Are Exuberantly Giving Glory
To D'Lordd!

As For The Princess
Mindy Gottit
She Is A Work In Progress
Old Habits 
- Just Like Bad Attitudes -
Die Hard!

Are You 
Continually Giving 
Unto The Lord
YOUR Personal