Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Access! Excess! Reach! Grasp! and Hold!

W A R N I N G !

When One Has An Elevated View
Of One's Self
Passion Overcomes Reason
Impulse Overcomes Principle!

Reach! Grasp! And Hold!
- Brothers And Sisters From Other Mothers -
Are Decidedly Able To Give
Men And Women Whiplash
As They Pursue Their Goals!

Access! And Excess!
Are Oft' Vulgar And Mean
Reach! And Grasp! And Hold!
Often Make People Forget
To Live Clean
In Competition
These Four Play No Holds Barred Not-Games
Never Leaving Their Hosts
To Say
In Event Rehash Or Contemplation:

"Do You Think That We Went Too Far?!
Have We Our Own Soul's Sold?!
Have We Crossed That Good Conscience Bar?!"


Yes! How May I Help You?

See Here, My Friend! You Listed Five Names
And Then Called Them Four! Can't You Count?!

I Count Quite Well, Thank You!
Just Be Patient And All Will Be Told!

Access! Is Always First Up
Ever Willing To Do Contortions To Get Attached
To Those To Be Seen
And To Those With The Green!

Access! Is Ably Followed By Excess!

"No Depth Of Depravity Is Considered To Be Unclean!
I Must Hold My Position!
I, Too, Must Be In The Scene!"

Whereupon ...

Enters Reach!
Goaded By Gross Ambition
And Roaring Covetousness
Ignites Greed's Fiery, Fiery Conflagration
And Creates Much Mess 
By Creeping Foolishness!


With One's Destination In Sight
One Is Often Heard Sighing In Delight:

Almost Home!
Gimme The Prize!
I've Won!
Bring Out The Bubbly!
Let It Foam!
Thank God!
I've Made It!
I Have Arrived Safely!
I Am Safe At Home!

Wait A Minute!
Almost Home Is Not Home
And That Celebration Seems Kinda Premature!

Ahhh! You Caught On!

I Must Tell You That ...

Almost Home And At Home
Is The Difference Between
Purchasing A House And
Actually Unlocking The Door 
With ... The Wrong Keys!


Grasp! And Hold!
Those Fickle Fiends
Who With Buttered Fingers
Between Them Pass
An Unwieldy Plastic Ball
That Is Made Of Wind-blown Glass!

These Cretins
Live Amongst Life's Shoals And Rocks
And Take Pleasure
In Buying Failed Future Stocks
And Passing Them Around
As Cushions Against Disappointment's Shocks
All The While Knowing
They Are Really Selling Bare Bollocks!

What, Then,  Is The Point
Of Reach ...  Of Reach And Grasp
When It Seems To Me
That The Unlocked Door
Is Barred Inside By A Hasp?!

Look At It This Way:

Do You Like Cake?

Of Course! Who Doesn't?!

Hmmmm! I Smell Cake!
Oohhh! I See Cake!

Have A Slice!

I Can't! It's Behind A Grill!

Okay. I'll Remove The Grill 
And Cut You A Slice!
Here You Go! 
Take This Plate!



My Cakeeeee!!!

What's The Matter?
Why Didn't You Hold On To Your Cake?!

I Don't Know!
I Reached For It!
I Had It In My Grasp
But ...
I ... Couldn't ... Hold ... On
To It!!

Good Gracious!

Man's Misguided Attempts
At Worldly Prosperity
Oft Leads One To Depart
From Truth And Verity
Often Uncaring
Of The Marks Made
Against His Own Soul
As He Manipulates And Machinates
To Acquire Fools Gold!

The Master Clearly Tells Us
To Store Up Things In Heavenly Realms
Where The Thieves And Robbers
Aren't Agents At Unjust Gains' Helm!
We Are Cautioned  To Be Thankful
For What We Have Got
For He Who Made And Loves Us
Have Not Our Needs Forgot!

Access! Leads To Excess!
Wherein We Eat Not For Strength
But For Vile Drunkenness!
Over-Reach! Causes Us To Grasp! For Things
Which Our Hands
Have Not The Strength To Hold!
Even Though We Act As Those Bold!

So, What Are We To Do!

The Lord Is Our Shepherd
Our Refuge And Our Strength
The Rock Of Our Salvation
Our Friend To Our Life's Journey's End!

Jesus Christ Is Our Captain And Commander
In This Mortal Strife
And In Our Hour Of Trial
Our Priestly Mediator Is He
Much To Our Wretched Soul's Delight!

Never Doubt That He Is Able!
Never Doubt That He Will Us Defend!
Never Doubt His Word Of Covenant
That He Has Homes For Us
In The Peaceful Glen!

So ...

Reach! For The Hand Of The Master
Grasp! His Hand
He Will Hold! On To You
Your Faithful Access! To Him Is Eternal
And He Has An Excess! Of Blessings
Just To Give Unreserved To You!
And To Me, Too!

Worldly Excess Now!
No Heavenly Access Later!


Godly Access Now!
Eternal Access
Heavenly Excess Later!


In The Lord God Jesus Christ 
And ... Prosper And Live!