Wednesday, September 14, 2016

God Is Calling Us!

Hast Thou Considered
The Place Thy Feet Go
That The Conductor Of The Universe
Has Ordained To You That Shore?

Hast Thou Considered
That The Work Of Thy Hand
Is There For Your Perfecting
By The Only Holy Hand?

Hast Thou Considered
That The Trial Faced Today
Is To Turn You Toward The Master
So That To The Father
You Will Cry Out In Prayer?

Hast Thou Considered
The Part
As The Whole
Recognized With Cognition
That God Calls You
To Shelter In His Fold?

Hast Thou Considered
The Plight Of The Blind
The Heart Of The Lame One
The Life Lived By Crime
The Man With The Millions
The Billions
The Country Some One Out There Rules
But For The Grace Of God
You Could Be As Some
Unfitted For God's Service
Be Acting Like
One Of Satan's Best Tools?

ALL Who The Lord Fits For His Service
Are In The Fire Of Affliction Tried
Our Hard Edges Are Rubbed Off
Our Bad Habits Off Us He Files
Our Homes May In Swamp Land
Our Children May Be Acting Like Satan's Servants

But ...

Because We Have Accepted The Lord's Commission
With Jesus' Faith In Our Insides
Neither Satan Nor His Agents Can The Truth
From Us Disguise!

Let Us Stand Up For Jesus
Let Us Go Faithfully Where He Sends
Let Us Accept The Nicks And Scrapes Of Battle
Let Us Keep Our Hearts In Prayer Bent
Let Us Not Despise The Place In Which We Are Laboring
There May Be A Soul There
We've Been Sent To Bless!
Let Us Do Our Best To Be Faithful
Let God Do What He Does Best!

God The Father Delivers!
God The Son Saves!
God The Holy Spirit Comforts!
This Godhead Covers All
In Spades!

The Faithful Are Never Alone
God Sends Angels
To Protect 
To Influence
If We Will Heed The Call Of Commission
By God's Grace
We Shall Reach The Heavenly Home
For Eternal Rest In The Peaceful Glade
From Whence We Shall Nevermore Roam!

Next Stop -  ETERNITY!