Friday, September 16, 2016

HAPPY SABBATH + PRAYER: Lord, Grant Me Faith

Dear Lord,
I Come To You This Day
Willing To Be Clay
In The Only Hands
That Can A Soul Repair!

Help Me, Lord,
To Trust You At Your Words Of Love
 To Listen To Your Words Of Warnings
To Heed Your Loving Chastisements!
Help Me, Dear Father
To Be A Tree Fruitful Indeed!

Lord, Grant Me Faith 
To Let You My Burdens Bear!
Lord, Grant Me Faith To Dare Ever
To You In Prayer To Repair!
Lord, Grant Me Faith
To Share The Everlasting Word
That The Eternal God Is Love!

Lord, Grant Me Love To Hope!
Lord, Grant Me Hope To Cope!
Lord, Grant Me Hope Enough In You
To Tell The Devil:
Nope! I'm Not Missing Heaven 
By Playing With Your Death-dealing Dope!

Lord, Grant Me Grace Upon The Rock To Stand!
Lord, Grant Me Grace Temptations To Withstand!
Lord, Grant Me Grace
For The Battles I Must Face
So That
At The End
I'll Not Be Turned Away From Your Sight
Marked An Eternal Disgrace!

I Love You, Lord
And I Pray This Hour
For Heaven-sent Power
So That My Thoughts And Actions
Will With Your Sovereign Will
Be In One Accord
And Not Aligned
With The Ways Of The Fraud!
In Jesus' Holy Name I Stand And Plead!