Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Messengers For Jesus?!

Do As I Say
Not As I Do
Is A Recipe For Disaster
I Tell You Quite True!

All Of Us
Who Call Ourselves Christian
Should Be Consistent In The Message Of God We Bring
Conflicted Messaging
Is Not What Jesus Christ Through Us
To This World Is Offering!

How Can We
As Messengers For Jesus
Speak And Squeak
At One And The Same Time?
Why Are We Speaking Comfort
To The People Who Are Seeking The Only Son Of God To Find
While Our Voice Warns
There Is Vermin In Back Of The Curtains And The Blinds!

Why Are We To The World Speaking Appeal And Repel?

I Will Here Speak For Myself
In This Instance ... As A For Instance
I Despise That Four-legged Creature That Squeaks
I Tell You
Without Fear Of Contradiction
That A Squeaker Makes My Blood Run Cold
My Response To That Aversion
Is To Make Sure That He Will
In My Presence
Not Get
One Single Day More Old!

He Has Got To Go!


The Same Is The World's Reaction To A Vacillating Christian!

I Have Witnessed "Christians" 
Denouncing Others As Sinners
In Language That Would Make Drunk Sailors Blush!
I Have Also Witnessed The Same Christians
Speak Of Jesus Christ So Beautifully
That There Is A Majestic ... Hush!

They Are Fired Up For God And Valiant And True!

How, Then
Do We Reconcile This Behavior?
Were We Not All Once Sinners Before God?
Did Not Jesus Weep And Suffer And Die For Our Salvation?
If So, Why Are We Now Behaving
Like Agents For The Fraud?

Where Is Our Attitude Of Gratitude?

If I Am Hugging You
I Can't Slap You!
If I Am Slapping You
I Can't You Hug
So Why
In The Name Of Jesus Christ The Righteous
Are We Giving
To A Dying World
A Message That Says That
God's Love For Humans Has Got Glitches And Bugs?!

If We As Christians
Are Not Ready For Prime Time
We Need To Get Back To The Good Book!
We Need To Let The Book Be Our Mirror
To Disclose What In Us Needs A Serious Fixing Up!
We Then Need To Proceed To The Father God
Making Request In Jesus Christ's Name
Bespeaking Ourselves A Reformation By The Holy Spirit
From That Mirror
Just Walk
Walk Away!

Let Us Be Doers Of The Word
Not Hearers Only!
Let Us Not Be Deceitful In Our Ways
We Hurt Ourselves
We Hurt Others
Turning Them Away From God
Because In Us
They Are Totally Dismayed!

Words and Actions 
Often Teach 
Unintended Lessons
Unintended Consequences!


A Crisis Of Character
In A Christian
Causes Beelzebub To Dance
For In This He Sees Opportunity
In Front Of A Seeking Soul 
Boldly Denouce The Way 
Working Of Almighty God!


Give No Place To The Devil!