Sunday, September 25, 2016

PRAYER: Father, You Warned Us!

Oh, Lord, Our Lord
How Excellent Is Thy Name In All The Earth!
I Come Before You, Lord
With A Heart That Is Burdened!
Lord, Please Hear My Prayer!

Why Are We, Lord
So Willing To Trust The Polished Person
Who Has A Microphone
Pinned To The Chest Or Held In The Hand?
Why Do We Choose To Believe In One
Who Moves Like An Eel
And Speaks In Dulcet Tones Of Tempered Steel?

Why Cannot We Accept
That Your Word
The Word Of The Living God 
Is Eternally True
And Stop Listening To The Learned Ones
Even Among Themselves
Hold Contrarian Views?

Why Do We Trust The Words
Of Those Who Cannot Trust Themselves 
To Trust Their Own Word
And Then Walk Around Mooing
In The Wilderness
Like A Thirsty Hungry Cow Herd?

What Is There
In Our Blind Eyes, Lord
That Causes Us To By-pass The Plain Truth
And Avidly Reach
For The Exotic Lie
Proffered By He Who Calls Faith
The Panacea Of Those Who Love Pie In The Sky?

Father, You Warned Us:
Make No Man Your Strong Arm!
Put Nor Your Trust In Princes!
Father, In Your Holy Writ Is Plainly Written:
Not By Might
Not By Power
But By Your Spirit, Saith The Lord Of Hosts!
So, Why Are We Putting Our Faith 
In The Soiled And Shaky Hands Of
Three-Trillion-Dollar-Church-Is-Business Men?

Father, You Offered Up
Your Precious Gold - Your Son
For Us!
The Cost To Us: Free
And Wicked Men Chose
To Buy Gold With Silver
To Become The Power Elite!
Jesus Christ Died Once
For All
But ... He Cannot Make Us Love Him 
For His Sacrifice Of Love!
We Must Go To Him
Of Our Own Will
Bearing The Flag Of Surrender Bold
And Yet ... And Still
Our Hearts Remain Stone Cold!

I Hang My Head In Shame
For Crucifying The Lord Christ
Time And Again
And Plead For Daily Grace
To Help Me To Never
Pound In The Nails Again!
Have Mercy On Me!
I Don't Want To Face Your Justice
As Jesus Christ Had To Face Himself
Without An Intermediary!

Oh, Lord
I Have My Own Cross Taken!
Please Carry Me And It Along!
I Love Thee
And I Need Thee, Lord
Fit Me For Heaven
Is My Heart's Burden
And Song!

When You Shall In Your Holy Kingdom Come
Please Remember Me
And All The Holy People
Who Fear And Reverence Thy Name!