Monday, September 12, 2016

Preaching The Mnemonic Jesus

The Servant Of God
Stood Up For To Preach
In The Time Allotted
He Did Quite Scholarly Teach!
He Was Greatly Commended
Feeling Quite Pleased With Himself
To The Congregation Did Say:

I Hope You Have Been Blessed
For That Teaching
My Mental Faculties
Were Greatly Stressed!

A Buzzing Was Heard
An Anxious Moving As Of A Restless Herd
It Was God's Flock Of Faithful People
Being Seriously Disturbed
As Proved By A Quietly Loud Voice
Filled With Hurt And Still Command
Who Pointedly Asked The Intellectual Preacher:

Do YOU Know The Feel Of The Lord's Hand?

This Is Not A Science Project
Nor Other Intellectual Pursuit!
These Are Life And Death Matters
Which Need No Poseur
In A Brooks Brothers Suit!

You Preach An Intellectual Jesus!
You Teach A Physical Lord
Therewith My Brother
You And The Bible Are
Not In Accord!

Pray Tell Us ...

Do YOU Personally Know Jesus?
How Has Jesus Changed You In Your Life?
Is Jesus Christ Your Savior
Is He Just A Teaching Preaching Device!?

Your Teaching 
Was Intellectually Stimulating
I Could Not Feel Your Heart
In My Heartfelt Opinion
Of God's Grace
You're Just Shooting In The Dark!

I Beseech You!
I Am Pleading!
Show Us What The Lord Has Done For You!
Get Real With Your Teaching
Tell Us 
By Your Witness
How Jesus Christ Has Personally Saved You!

If You Are A Workman
In The Lord's Vineyard
Your Credentials Should Be Experience Based
Your Talking About A Theoretical Jesus
Gives No One Of Jesus
A Sweet-Food Taste
- Upon The Tasting -
Should Encourage One
A Full Meal To Purchase By Prayer!

The Food That You Served
Which We Did Today Taste
Is For The Party Goers Palate
Not For One Seeking To Avoid
An Unrepentant Sinner's Fate!

I Came Here From The Desert!
I Desire The Water Of Life!
I Expect The Bread Of Heaven
Not Jesus The Mnemonic Device!

I Want Jesus!
I Need Jesus!
I Desire His Life!
So,  Please
Let's Do This Over!
Show Us How A Life Is Changed
After Experiencing
The Free Grace Of Jesus Christ!

And So ...

The Preacher Bowed His Head
Prayed Aloud To The Living And Eternal Holy God:

Dear Father, 
Up In Heaven
I Thank You For The Rod!
The Rod Of Correction
That Brought Me Out Of Sin's Fog!

I Thank You For Your Blessing
Your Blessings That Fall On Me
Blessings That I Did Not Know I Needed
Until They Were Touching The Heart Of Me!

Dear Father,
I Plead For A Word Of Comfort
For These Children Of Hope!
Help Me Dearest Father
To Show Them How You Got Me Off 
The Old Devil's Dope!

Bless Me, Lord
To Bless Your People!
Help Me From Truth Not To Shy Away
Help Me To Lift Up The Holy Jesus
Who From Sin
Drew Me Away!

Help Me To Be Honest
Help Me Truth To Confess
Help Me To Help Others
Who Through Sin
Are In Mortal Distress!

I Love You
I Bless You
Help Me To Honor You Today And Always
And Help Me, Dear Father
To Forget Self
And Lift You Up
For The Rest Of My Days!

Thank You, Lord, For Your Mercy
Please Accept In The Name Of The Holy Jesus
Your Trembling Servant's Prayer!

The Congregation 
In Unison, Said:

                                    Praise God!