Saturday, September 17, 2016

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH: Benighted Shepherds + PRAYER: Lord, Lift Us Up!

The Day Is Now Here
When Men Shall Have No Fear
Of Lying To The Lord's Flock
By Tickling Them In The Ear!

I Give To You 
A Word Of Caution
I Tell You
Do Not Them Fear
They Are Of Their Master The Devil
God Has A Place
For Them All Prepared!

May Prosper For A Season
May Last A Long Night
Jesus Christ
Who Cursed The Fig Tree
The Jerusalem Temple
Keeps Very Good Records
Of Those Who Do
His People's Prosperity


Oh, Lord,
Hear My Lament
For In Sorrow
My Heart I Rent!

How, Lord
Can I Lift Holy Hands To You
In A Congregation
That Pays Homage
To You Know Who
Giving The Gift Of Praise
And Worship
To Him Who
Has Nothing
With You
To Do?

Why Should True Believers
On The Faith Of Our Lord Christ
Give Our Pennies And Dollars
To Support The Work Of The Fraud?
Should We Not Be
Good Stewards Of Our Increase
And Stop Letting Charlatans
Our Little Pockets Fleece?

In Good Conscience
Can We Come Before Your Face
Praying And Praising
Led By Men And Women
Whose Living Is A Christian Disgrace?
Who Sow To Their Souls Pleasure
Who Please Their Bodies -  Not Their Lord
Who Live By The Eye -  Not By God To Live And To Die
Who Give Love To The Self
Who Measure Prosperity
By The Many Toys On Their Shelves
Who Live For New Money
Who Cry:
"My Money!  Please, Give Me More! "
Who Have No Desire 
To Reach The Blissful Shore
Their Shore Is Their Checkbook
Their Diamond Black Charge Card
The Invitation To Majestic Palaces
To Honor Man As God
Who Have No Love For The Sin-Sick
Who Sickness And Acknowledging Sin Do Utterly Bore
And Who
For Want Of Another Bauble
Will Send A Seeking Soul
Through Satan's Wide-open
And Majestic Front Door!?

Oh, Lord
I Beseech You
Have Mercy
On This Remnant Flock In The Open Field
Who Need To Be Led By The True Shepherd
And Not By Crooks And Charlatans
Liars And False Prophets
Outright Thieves
Demons Called Miracle-working Men
"Depend On Us! Depend!
God Did Us To You Send!"

You Promised My King Jesus
Our Beloved Captain
And Commander
In This Spiritual War
That He Would Not Lose A Soul 
That You To Him Gave!
Lord, I Believe What You Say
And For This Reason
I'll Be Brave 
- I Mean No Disrespect -
And Make Here A Demand
That You Live Up To The Word - Holy - 
That Through Inspiration
You - The Living God -
As Blessed Comfort To A Fallen Race

Lift Us Up!
We Want To See ... Jesus!
We Give You Our Humble Praise!
Oh, Lord, We Adore You!
So, Save Us, Lord! Save!