Saturday, September 3, 2016


I Come Before You 
My Sin Confessing!
The Wrong Things That I've Done
I'm Redressing
At One Time, Lord
The Good Had To My Mouth No Taste
The Bad In My Mouth Was A Pleasurable Delight
And Now
Between Wrong And Right
Within Me
Is A Constant Fight!

You Promised, Dear Lord
That With Our Sin Confession
We Will, Through Your Faithfulness
Receive Remission
If We Don't Confess Our Sins
Which Is The Acceptable Time
For Our Salvation
Your Holy Word Says
We Will Have To
For Our Own Pet Sins
Dearly, Eternally

I Repent
For Having Kept Sin As A Pet Lizard
For That Lizard
 A Roaring Dragon Is Become
And Its Claws Are Extended
And It Is Hunting Me Down!
Lord, Save Me!

Father, I Acknowledge
With No Love Of It
That A Sinner Is What I Am
I Believe
- From Your Written Word -
In Your Savings Plan!
I Have My Deposit Book
Jesus Christ The Righteous 
- The Word Himself -
And I Here Place On Him
That Will Mark Me
A Joyous Member Of
The Unrepentant Goat Herd!
I Beseech You
To Help Me To Walk Upright
In Your Holy Sight
So That My Prayerful, Persevering, Petitions
For Blessing And Assistance
By You, Lord
Will Indeed
Be Heard!

Please Also Accept
My Confession Of The Sins
Of My Nation And My People
Who Lift Up 
But Never People
Nor The Holy God
Who Can Open Wide The Sky!
Forgive Us, Lord!

I Pray, Lord
For Those In Deliberate Sin Walking
Those Who At The Name Of Jesus
Their Fists At Heaven Are Shaking
Those Who Find Pleasure
In Fair-Promise Making
Leaving The Poor
The Widows
The Orphans And The Down-Trodden
In Destitution
Have Mercy On Us, Lord!

I Ask You, Lord
To Open Our Eyes!
Help Us To See Beyond
The Bits And Baubles Of
That Wicked Destroying
Lord Of Dung
Beelzebub Himself
Who Taints All That He Touches
Who Willingly
Gleefully Destroys
All That He Holds In His Clutches
Repentance For Known Sin
Grants Us
The Master's Healing
Thorough Cleansing Touch!
Purify Us, Lord!

Forgive Us, Today
Even This Moment, Lord
As We Pray!
Lift Us Up
So That We Will Uplift You
Without Jesus Christ
We Are Lost
Even Though 
He Has Already Paid Our Costs!
Let Not The Sacrifice Be For Naught, Lord!

Grant New And True Sight, Lord
To Those Who Believe
That Membership In A Particular Church
Or Congregation
Or National Group
Will Give Us A Free Pass To Freely Sin
And Still Gain Unencumbered Entry Into Heaven!
You Save Individuals Out Of Sin And Not In Sin!
Correct Our Egregious Errors, Lord!

Forgive Us, Lord
For Taking Your Mercy For Granted!
The Day Is Shortening!
Create New Hearts Within Us, Lord!

Forgive Us, Lord
Who Take Your Free Grace
For A License To Sin 
In The Erroneous Belief That Grace Will Abound!
Forgive Us Our Presumptions, Lord!

Oh, Lord
Help Us To Let Your Holy Spirit
Have His Way In Us!
Let Your Holy Spirit Teach Our Spirits, Lord!

Help Us To Let Go Of Every Known Sin
No Matter What Clothing It Is Wearing!
Help Us To Call Sin By Its True Name
No Matter The Nom de Plume 
Under Which It's Masquerading!
We Readily Acknowledge That The Devil Is A Gross Liar, Lord!

Help Us, Lord
To Fight The Good Fight Of Faith!
Help Us, Lord
Moment By Moment
Hour by Hour
Day By Day
To Humbly Dwell Upon The Name
The Name, Lord
Which Will Not Bring Our Hopes To Shame
The Very Name
Which At One Time
We Ourselves Did Profane!
Help Us, Father, To Honor The Lord Christ!

Oh, Lord, Most Holy
Help Us To Be True
So That
Through The Vanity Of Living In And Loving Sin
 Our Thus Despised Salvation
Will Not Cause Us
To Be
From You
Eternally Lost!

Forgive Us, Lord!
Heal Us!
Cleanse Us!
Teach Us!
Lead Us!
Feed Us And Help Us, Lord 
To Be Living Lights
In This World's Oppressive Darkness!
Please Make Us Free From The Law Of Sin And Death
In That Glorious Day
Take Us Home To Dwell Forever More With Thee!
In Jesus' Holy Name I Plead And Stand!
I Love You, Lord!