Saturday, October 8, 2016

Forsaking Sin + PRAYER: Lord, I Come

When We Forsake Sin
We Have The Assurance Of The Approval Of God!
We Have No More Need
To Sorrow Or To Fret
For The God Of Heaven
Paid Too High A Price
To Let A Repentant Soul's Heart Be Out To Let!

Have No Fear Of The Devil
For He Is A Way-laying Fraud!
He Desires All To Follow Him Into Perdition
Unable Ever
To Return Home To Father God!

Let Not Circumstance Bind You!
Let Not Love Of Friends Confine You
Let Not Love Of The Lights
Of A Sinful Fallen World Blind You
Out Of The Sight And Sound
Of Him Who Joyfully Created You!

Almighty God Is Faithful!
His Holy Word Is Sacrosanct!
He Accepts All Repentant Sinners
Even Those Who Believe That He Won't And Can't!


Lord, I Come To You Today
Burdened With, And Sorry For My Sins
For Which Your Beloved
With His Holy Life 
Once For All Did Pay!

With Your Grace, Lord
And Unfailing Mercy
I Forsake The World
And Humbly Seek 
To Ever Hear And Obey
The Quiet Voice Of God
And Desire To Be Made
As One Repulsive
In The Sight Of The Fraud!

I Know My Way Will Be Difficult!
I Know That I'll Be Tempted 
By The Big, Bright, And Beautiful Broadway
Because I Take The Lord For My Shepherd
I Will Not Be Believing
The Winsome Words Of The Leopard!

Oh, Lord
Lift Me Up So That I May Lift Up
The Life Of The Lord Christ
For A Beacon In This World Full Of Darkness!
In Jesus' Worthy Name I Plead And Stand!
I Love You, Lord!