Monday, October 10, 2016

GRACE: From Root To Fruit!

Every Body Wants To Be A Strong Tree
Growing In Luscious Array
Showing To All The World
That They Are Blessed
By The Holy God Paid!

Strangely, Though ...

Some Body Seems To Have Forgotten
That Strong Trees
Need To Have Good Root Stock
A Tree
Planted In Shallow Ground
Will Surely
- When Afflicted -
Energetically Fall To The Ground!

Dear Christian Brother And Sister
Let's Look Seriously Unto Ourselves
And Ask:

From Whence Comes Our Rootstock?


What Kind Of Fruit Sits Upon Our Heart's Store Shelf?

The Bible Tells Of The Fruit Of The Spirit!
The Bible Calls Jesus Christ The Root Of David
And The Branch

And ...

If We Are Thinking Clearly
We Will See
That To Get To Fruit Bearing Potential
We Must Have Jesus Christ In Our Hearts!

Without Jesus Christ
There Is No Root!
Without The Root
There Is No Holy Spirit!
Without The Holy Spirit
There Is No Fruit
When This Is The Case
Jesus Christ, Himself
Calls For The Cutting Blade
That Is The Gospel Truth!

To Get The Fruit Of The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit Must Be In Our Insides!
To Get The Holy Spirit In Our Insides
We Must Ask Jesus Christ In Us To Abide!

So ...

With This Being The Case
Let Us Not Drop Out Of The Race!
Let Us Confess All Known Sin
Repent Of Past Actions
Invite The Savior Jesus
To Enter In And Not Our Feeble Hearts Abandon
We Must Daily Ask For The Indwelling
Of The Holy Spirit Of Grace
Pleading For The Daily Portion Of Overcoming Grace
Whereby We Can The Problems Of The Wicked World Face
Do Not Let Us Let Up
On Our Pleading With The Lord
For In The Doing
We Will Receive The Great Award!

BUT ...

Let Us Not Forget
That NOW! Is The Acceptable Time
Tomorrow Is Not Promised
Temporal Time
Is In A Dire Decline!

Soon ...

Time Will Be Finished
The Records Will Be Read
All Who Are Righteous
Will Be Righteous Still
Whosoever Is Filthy
Will Be Filthy Still
All Fruit-less Fruit Trees
Will Be Firewood
As The Holy God Wills!

Request And Receive
The Lord Jesus Christ!

Request And Receive The Holy Spirit!
Request And Receive
The Fruit Of The Holy Spirit


In The Fulness Of Time
Attend The Heavenly Banquet
For You Will Have Been 
By The Eternal God Filled!