Sunday, October 23, 2016

Stand Upon The Rock!

I Draw My Life From My Jesus!
In Him
I Can Neither Wither
Nor Fruitless Be!
I Stand Upon The Rock Of Ages
From Him
Flows Living Water Freely!

The Water From The Rock
Gives Life Unto Me!
My Foundation Built On The Rock
Gives My Life
Glorious Stability!
The Rock Is Reliable!
It Makes My Heart To God Pliable
Makes My Hope For Heaven
In Jesus' Holy Name
So Much More
Than Merely Viable!

The People Of God
Must Understand
That The Closer We Get To The Promised Land
The More Satan Will Us Try To Deceive!
Satan Is Well Able
To Tell The Time
In The Business Of Sin's Shut-Down Clock
Which Tells Him Of A Surety:

Bud, Your Time Is Just About Run Out!

Satan Is Desperate!
Satan Has Nothing To Lose!
Satan Is Fighting His "Good" Fight Of Self-Faith
He Is Desperate To Destroy Anything
That In Jesus Christ's Love Is Bathed!

- Iced With Pride -
Has Made The Vile Sinner
Willing That Jesus' Saints
Be To Him Witheringly Denied
If There Is Just One
That He Can Overcome
By His Dread Pursuit
There Is No Risk To His Own Final Outcome
Peace To Him Is Already Eternally Lost
He Is Forever
By God

In Jesus
We Can't To Satan Lose!
With Satan
We Can't Anything From Jesus Win!
So ...
Since The Channels Are Clearly Marked
No Human Will Be Able To Say:

I Was Regarding Sin In The Dark!

So We Had Better Know
Behind Whom We Are Holding Position
Without Jesus Christ
There Is No Hope
For A Blessed Eternal Position!

Let Not Satan
Poison Your Hope Tree!
Accept True Freedom In Jesus
From The Gross Liar Flee!

Believe Not Satan's
Pretty-Tied Lies!
Give Your Back To That Dragon
With Jesus Run
The Winners Race
At The Appointed Time
When The Last Trumpet Will Sound
Walk Into Eternity
Singing Joyful Songs
Knowing That
Amazing Grace With Ever Be
The Heart's Favorite Song!

The Rock Is My Salvation!