Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Guardian And The Guide!

I Walked
As One Rudderless!
My Existence Pointless!

The Guardian And The Guide!

I Spoke
As One Spineless
Oft' Witless
And Most Assuredly Felt Useless!


Who's Saying That!?

The Guardian AND The Guide!

Come On! You're Kidding,  Right?!


Yes, Please!?

You Called Me!
You Were Praying!
You Asked If Jesus Christ Is Real!
You Stated
In Determined Tone
That You Were Feeling
All Alone
And Cried Aloud
So Grievously:
Jesus, If You Are Real
Please Guard!
Please Guide!
Oh,  Lord, Help Me!
And ... I Am Here!

Good Gracious!
Oh, How I Hoped You'd Be Real!
People Say You're Not
But I Hoped And ...!

I AM As Real As You Will Permit Me To Be To You! 

Here Lies The Problem
With Christian Faith And Believe!
We Have Faith!
But Not Enough!
We Believe In God
... But Wonder:

Is He Really Up To Snuff?!
Can He Really Deliver
In My Moment Of Distress?
If I Really Trust Him
Will He Truly Me Bless?!

What If I Place All My Trust In Him
I Am Disappointed
Can Our Relationship Really Be?!
Does He Really Care
Is My Faith And Belief
Really Me
Living On Light And Air?!

Oh,  Lord
My Heart Is In Despair!
I Can't Touch You!
I Don't Feel You!
I Don't See Your Hand Work ...

My Child,
Look Again!
Look Around!
Look Within!
You Are My Handiwork!
I Made All For My Pleasure!
I Do Not Make Broken Toys!
I Made You
To Bless You!
To Have You Share In My Joys!
Please Do Not Trust Your Feelings
They Lead To Fads And Fantasies!
Check The Holy Record Of My Character
And Repair To Me!
Trust Me In Your Reason
Not Your Chemically-Motivated Heart!
Let's Reason Together
I Have Answers
That Will Bless You
Most Wonderfully!

What I Do For You
Will Bless You
For Heaven
And,  No!
You Are Not Receiving That Fast Car
If I Gave You
All Your Carnal Heart's Desire
Hell's Gate To You Will Be Wide Open

My Grace Is Sufficient For Thee!
Are All Answers
The Timing Of Which Is For Your Best!
Trust Me To Deliver You To Heaven
And Not Into Earthy Mansions
Which To Your Soul Are Deadly!
Earthly Comforts Tend To The Destruction Of The Soul
So Strive For The White Robe And The Pure Gold Crown!
Come Unto Me As You Labor
And I Will Make You Whole! 

Then ... You Are My Shepherd!?

And In Me 
You Will Never Know Want
And My Ear Is Ever Available Unto You 
Until The Day You Die!