Saturday, December 10, 2016

GOD IS NOT DEAD: The World Laughs!

Our Lives Are Often Beset By Dangers
Duty Seems Hard To Perform!
Our Imagination Paints Pictures
Of Impending Gloom And Ruin
Our Faith
Born Of Belief And Obedience
Hears The Voice Of God Clearly Saying:
Child Of Love, Move Briskly!
Move Along In Faith! Move On!

The World Laughs!
Friends Snicker!
Beloved Family Turn Away
All That Is Left
Is The Love Of Jesus
Walk Is What We Do
In Holy Him
We Wholly Trust
For His Living Word Is Eternally True!

Mortals Working For Salvation
Is A No No!
Working Because Of Faith
Is A Christian Must - Faith Works! -
For If Satan Can Cause Us
To Doubt The Word Of God
Christ Jesus
Our Eternal Hopes
Will Be Rendered
As Choking, Killing, Dust!

Wherever We Go
Let's Take With Us
Our Own Lamps
From The Living God
Let Us Not Let Ourselves Be Dazzled
By The Brilliant Light-Show Work
Of The Fraud
In Whom Is No Viable Reward!

Let Us Work
In Faith
While It Is Yet Day
For The Night Cometh - Pray!
Ever Pray!
Trust The LordHe Will Deliver!
Trust Him
Who Created Me And You
He Is Faithful
He Has Prepared Places For Us
In His Father's House Of Many Mansions!
I Desire One To Call My Home!
What About You?


I Desire To Go To Heaven
Even If I Go Alone!
It Would Be Nice To Have Company
The Choice Is Yours To Make!
Yours Alone!
Come ... If You Will!
Stay ... If You Must!
I Desire To Possess 
That Promised Home In Heaven
Even If I Go Alone!

God Is Not Dead!