Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Few Things!

Some Thing
Any Thing
Good Thing
Bad Thing 
Every Thing
Fling D. Thing
Sing D. Thing
Ring D. Thing
Wing D. Thing
Make Up A Segment Of The Grand Things Family!
The List Of Things Is Endess
Their Lust For Trivial Things Is

We Should Note That
Just Like Every Other Family
There Is
A Doctor
Who Believes He Can Mend Every Thing!
A Dentist
Who Loves To Dig Drill And Fill In Some Things!
A Priest 
Who Is Always Available To Hear Confessed Things!
A Psychiatrist 
Who Can Analyze All Things!
A Mommy 
Who Is Ever Ready To Show That 
She Equally Cares For All Things!
A Daddy 
Who Is The Boss
And Who Fires Shots At Misbehaving Things!
An Uncle Wingnut Thing
An Aunty Tender Thing 
Who Is The Favored Friend To All 
And Every Thing She Can In Her Eyes See!

Would You Get To Your Point, Pretty Please?!

Well ...

Rancid Thing
Butt Up On Praying Thing
What Rancid Thought
He Could Notch Up To A Fling Thing
Into A Very Serious Thing!

You Don't Say!
How Serious Was This Thing?!

Well, Let Me Tell You
That That Serious Thing
Became A Vital Thing
Became A Gargantuan Thing
That Ended In A Marriage
They Don't Wear Rings!

Rancid Thing Got Converted
He Became A Refined Thing
A Reformed Thing
Between Reformed
They Petitioned God
Eternal Things
Casting Aside
Useless Things
Forbidden Things
Carnal Things
Selfish Things
Finite Things
Preferring To Walk Tall
Straight And True
Humble Before The Master
Sharing Spiritual Things
With Me And You!

Powerful Things Happened, I See!

All Their Ordinary Skills
Proved Extraordinarily Useful Things
Which Quickly Produced Exquisitely Simple Things
Elegant Things
Soft Things
Gentle Things
Which Caused Even Grumpy Things To Sing!
It Was Amazing And Beautiful Time
For All Things!

What Is The Purpose Of This Thing, Ms. Thing!

Just Testing Out
A Thing Or Two
To See If It Will Become Something Useful
If Not To Me
Perhaps To You!

Oh ... 
You Wanted To Say Some Thing
To Some Body
To See If Any Body
Would Holler Back At You!

Who Knows!
Some Thing Like That!

Don't You Dare Start Thinging Again!

A Necessary Thing To Me
Is Prayer!

A Vital Thing To Me
Is The Gospel Of Jesus Christ To Share!

A Compassionate Thing To Me
Is To - In Truth - Share The Salvation Story!


The Best Thing Of All 
Is To Say
That Man Can Share God's Glory
Which Is An Unfathomably Glorious Thing!