Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Praying For H. L. S. & K. To Cement B. L. T. & O.

Every Breath
Should Be A Prayer
A Silent Petition Of The Soul
Calling Unto The Soul's Savior
H elp In Facing Daily Trials
L ight To Reveal The Right Pathway
S trength For The Journey Being Taken
K nowledge Of The Holy
That Causes One To Walk In Godly Fear!

Oh, Lord,
Save Me, Lest I Perish!
Heal Me, For My Body Is As All Living
Going Back To The Dust
From Whence It Came!
Settle And Seal Me
In Your Blessed Truth
Carry Me Home To Spend Eternity With You
In Perpetual Youth!

Oh, How I Long To See Him
Who My Heart Knows!
Oh, How I Long To Touch Him
Through Whom My Prayers Go!
Oh, To Sing Praise To Him
Through Whom
My Faith Grows
Oh, How Glorious
Will Be My Joy
When I Walk Through Heaven's Gate-Door!

He Cares!
I Pray!
I Love Him
He Loves Me Best
I Receive Blessings Each Day
For Which I Made No Request!

I Am Thankful, Lord
For Your Blessing On Me
Even During Those Times
When I Behave Most Ungodly!
Forgive Me My Trespasses
My Sins
My Deceits And My Conceits
Remake Me In The Holy Image
So That I Will
B elieve
L ove
T rust
O bedience
To Only You
So That Satan
Cannot Glory
In His Planned For Me Defeat!

You Are My Lord!
You Are My God!
You Are My Bulwark
The Chastening Rod!

I Give To You
My Worship!
I Offer Up To You My Praise!
Please Redeem Me
In That Day When He
Who Is Salvation
Shall Come
So That I May Ever Worship
In Full Sight Of The Son!
I Love You, Lord!