Thursday, February 9, 2017

PRAYER : Oh, Lord, You Are My God!

I Have No Other God But You!
I Come Before You Because
It Is Your Love
That I Humbly Seek!

I Am Weak -  You Are Strength!
I Am Blind - You Are Sight!
I Am Hungry - You Are The Daily Bread
Without Which
I Choose Not To The Table To Be Led!

I Have Mortal Needs - You Are Supply!
I Have Jesus' Faith
So Protect Me
E'er I Die!

I Hope!
Lord, Please Help!
Satan Is Setting Up His Roadblocks
I Know You Already Gained For Me
The Victory
Against That Wicked Whelp!

I Trust In You For Provision
For Sustenance
For Salvation
For Sanity
I Lean On You
Great God Of All That You Survey
I Plead, Dear Lord
That You Help Me
Never Again To Stray
From The Holy Pathway!

My Eyes Have Not Seen
Neither Have My Ears
Nor Yet Has My Being Experienced
What You Have For Your Beloved Prepared!
I Long To See!
I Long To Be!
I Long, Lord, To Live With Thee!

Please Grant Unto Me
The Earthly Experience
That Positions Me
To Grasp
To Hold
All That Is Heavenly
After Enduring
My Tests And My Trials
I Shall My Loving
Redeeming Savior
In All His Glory

Let Not Pride Fall Me!
Let Not Faith Fail Me!
Let Not Mine Heart
Become Entangled
With The Things That Cost
But Let Me
Be Cleansed Of All Things
That Are Nothing But Burdening Dross!
Lord, I Willingly, Daily, Bear My Cross
For I Have No Desire To Suffer
Eternal Loss!

You Are My God!
I Praise And Worship You!
You Are My Song
Today And Forever
From This Moment On
I Shall Sing
As Unto You I - Committed - Cling!

I Love You, Lord!
And I Lift My Voice...!