Friday, February 24, 2017

PRAYER : Thank You, Lord, For Your Myriad Blessings!

Dear Lord,
My Heart Is Thankful
Even As I Ask You
To Help Me To Conquer
The Mountains I Must Climb Today
Using The Faith And The Grace 
That You Provided To Me For The Day!
Tomorrow Is Yours!
You Are Divine!

Lord, Grant Me The Wisdom
Wisdom's Understanding
So That I Will Diligently Walk
Through Your Opened Door!
 - The Building May Be Mine
The Doors Are Surely Yours!
I Desire To Reach Home
To Be With You
So Please
Help Me To Me To Be
- By Your Knowledge -

Help Me, Lord
To Grasp Your Beckoning Hand! 
- The Offer Is Yours
The Will To Accept Is Mine!
I Gratefully Accept Your Offer
I'm Walking Faithfully Toward
The Separation Line
Even As I Await The Great Day
When Holy Light
Erasing The Separating Line
Shall Shine!

Help Me, Lord
To Hold Salvation Tight
In My Heart
So That When My Tongue Can't Sing
My Heart
Will Do All The Celebrating!

Help Me, Lord
To Let Jesus Christ
Be To Me
Everything That I Can't Even Conceive
But Which
By Current Faith
- Soon To Be Immortal Sight -
I Will Accept
Because Jesus Is My Only Savior
The One In Whom My Heart Does Delight!

Grant Me, Dear Lord
The Victory Already Sealed
So That In The Day
Soon Dawning
I Will
With All The Victorious Saints
Be With You

Remember, Lord
The Brethren
Near And Far!
Remember In A Very Special Way
Those Who Mourn
Those Who Anticipate A Mourning!
Comfort Them In Their Distress, Father
Bring To Their Remembrance
That There Is Indeed
A Glorious Balm In Gilead!

We Give You, Lord
Our Praise 
Our Worship
We Thank For Your Myriad Blessings
Which Have No Expiration Date
Use By Date!
We Bless You, Lord!

Lift Us Up So That We May Lift You Up
For In Jesus Christ's Holy Name
We Plead, And Stand!
We Love You, Lord!