Monday, February 6, 2017

Praying ... And Remonstrating With Self ... By Recall!

Please Remember Me
Help Me Not To Present Myself Before You
Clothed In My Own Righteousness
For My Garments
Are With Sin Stained
Will See Me Assigned To
The Burning Flames!

Help Me To See
Recognize My True Condition
That Of Needing The Righteousness Of Jesus Christ
If It Is My Soul's Desire
For Immortal Living!

Help Me Not To Fall
For Satan's Sophistries
Which Will Cause Me To Fall For His Hype
And Cause Me To End Up Naked
Even Though I've Sewn For Myself
A Garment Of Fig Leaves
Of Modern Fashion By Type!

You Gave Our Foreparents
LiFe First
We Removed You, Father
From Our LiFe
Satan's Lie!

We, Today
Are As Eve In Eden's Garden
Listening Still
To The First Sermon Preached
On The Emerging Church
In Our Own Strength
Or Own Wisdom
Our Own Understanding
In Our Own Eyes
We See
We Declare
What Is Good AndEvil
By Our Own Knowledge!
Lord, Forgive Us!

Self-Wisdom Is No Wisdom!
Self-Knowledge Makes No Sense
Without Jesus Christ
Makes A Creature
By Hell Bent!

Trust In God - Not In Your Own Self!
Walk In Faith - Not In Satan's Color-Profused Sight!
Believe The Word Of Your Loving Father
You Will Wear
A Garment Of Heavenly Light!

Eve Broke All Ten Of God's Commandments
In The Day She Answered Satan
Accepted His Tainted Word
And In The Instant She Corrected Satan
And Added Unto
The Father's Word:

Eve Placed Satan Before Almighty God
And Broke Commandment No. 1!
She Coveted God's Wisdom
And Broke Commandment No. 10!
Eve Put Satan's Affections Before God
And Committed Adultery - Commandment No. 7!
She Took Fruit From A Tree Nor Hers
And Outright Committed Thievery
And Broke Commandment No. 8!

Eve Committed Murder
When She Broke Commandment No. 6
For God Said:
If You Eat You Die!
She Killed Herself!

Eve Dishonored Her Father
And Broke Commandment No. 5
And, In So Doing
According To The Apostle James
Having Broken Even One Of God's Commandments
She Broke Them All
Deserved Eternal Death
Eternal Separation From God
Being Cast Into Outer Darkness
To Be Consumed
By God's Unquenchable Flames!

Thank You, Lord
For The Plan Of Salvation
Played Out In Type In The Garden
When You Gave Our Foreparents
The Sacrificed Lamb's Skin's Tunics
To Cover Their Nakedness
Impossible To Be Covered
By A Man-Made Apron
Of Sewn-Together Fig Leaves!

Thank You, Lord
For Showing Us
That Self-Righteousness
Is No Garment Of Light
But A Blot
A Blight
That Exposes Our Short Comings
Even Though We Call It Of Fashion The Height!

Though We Cry
We Say: "Thank You!"
For Our Lord Christ
On The Cross
Naked And Exposed To The Howling World
Our Sin On Him
Fully Invested
From Us Fully Divested!

Our Savior Died
And Was Buried
And Resurrected
And Is Risen
And Is Enthroned In Heaven
And Is Interceding
And Forgiving Us
Preparing For Us Homes
Providing Us New Robes
Making It Is All Possible So That
In The Day Coming
Monthly We Shall Eat From The Tree Of Life
So That We Shall Then
Live Forever
Of That One
Who With Malice
Brought To Us Darkness And Sure Destruction
By Tempting Us With
The Lust Of The Eyes
The Lust Of The Flesh
The Pride Of This Uncertain Life!

Thank You, Lord, For The Miracle!
Thank You, Lord, For Your Great Grace!
Thank You, Lord, For Your Mercy!
By Faith, We Shall See Our Lord Redeemer's Face!

We Confess Our Sin!
Forgive Us
For Letting Our Eyes
Feed Our Bellies
And Encouraging Us
To Daily In Sin
To Proudly Walk In!

Forgive Us Our Fake Humility
And Cleanse Us Thoroughly
So That We Can Abide
In The Newness Of Life With Thee!

Forgive Us Our Greed
Our Covetousness
Our Idol-Building
Our Neglecting Christ's Name To Confess!
What Opportunities We Have Missed!

Forgive Our Willful Wandering!
Forgive Our Wayward Walk!
Forgive Our Unkind Words!
Forgive Our Gainsaying
Our Pleasure In Back Talk!

Forgive Us, Lord!
We Repent!
Accept Our Sorrow For Our Sin
Help Us, Dear Father
Not To Be As A Heifer
Constantly Back Sliding!

Try Us, Lord!
Test Us!
May We Emerge From Your Crucible Clean
To Be Enrobed In Christ's Righteousness
In The Day That His Glory
Shall By All Living
Be Plainly Seen!

We Love You, Lord!
Bless Us!
We Worship You, Lord!
Please Remake Us
So That Our New-Made Peaceful Hearts
In Joyous Celebration
Will Beat Bountifully
And Our Aspects

Let Your Will Be Done In Us This Day And Always
In Jesus Christ's Name, We Plead!