Tuesday, March 28, 2017

THE PEACE OF GOD: Attitude Adjustment

I Took A Serious Look At My Self
I Knew
I Needed An Attitude Adjustment!
I Seemed To Be Letting Others
My Attitude
It Was Seriously Eating
My Gladness Away!

Seriously Disturbed
I Repaired To The Lord
The Rock Of Ages
My Shelter In The Time Of Storm
I Said:

Lord, I Need You!
Please Don't Let Anybody Steal My Peace!

And, In A Flash
As If Someone Had Spoken Directly Into My Ear
I Heard:

Nobody Can Steal
What You Are Freely
Giving Away!

I Was Dumbfounded!
At A Loss For Words ...!

I Had To Think ...!
Think ... Think ... Think!
Good Gracious!
There Is
- In My Character -
A Chink
Causing In My Life
An Amazing Stink!

God Gives Good Gifts!
God Gave Unto Me His Peace
I Was Using
Base Copper For Gold
Buying And Using
What Was Not Being Sold!

Alchemy ...
Was Afoot!

I Got Out Old James
I Read:

My Peace I Give Unto You
Not As The World Giveth
Give I Unto You!

Followed By ...

And The Peace Of God Which Passeth Understanding
Stablish Your Minds ...!

I Then Grabbed Hold
Of The Word Stablish aka Establish
That It Means 
  • To Settle With Permanence
  • To Fix Firmly In Place

AND ...

In The Godly Sorrowing Of My Own Heart
I Said:

May The God Of Peace
Grant Me
The Peace Of God
So That That Restless Spirit Returns
From Whence It Came
Back To The Bosom Of The Fraud!

I Readily Acknowledge
That I Was A Fool
Letting The Very Devil Play Me
Like A Construction Tool!
There Had Been A Switch!
The Peace That I Had
Had Not Been
God's Peace Bona Fide!
I Was Riding A Counterfeit
From My Soul
To Debride!

Listen To Me, Brethren!
Get Your Peace Out
Take A Good Look At It
In The True Light
Of The Only True Living
Holy God's Word
If It Is Showing
Any Loose Connections
Displaying Any Broken Hooks
Get Ye Quickly Unto Jesus
God's Peace Is Connected
To Jesus Christ's Faith
Which Is Tied Up
In The Comfort Of The Holy Spirit
Delivered Unto All Believing Brethren
By Unyielding Mercy
Surpassing Grace!

The Living God Gives Gifts That Give!
The Living God Gives Gifts That Grow!
The Living God Gives Gifts 
To All His Children
Gifts They Receive
Which Often
They Don't Even Recognize
Or Know!

The Peace Of Almighty God
Requires Intentional Use
By Us
It Is To Work!

If You Don't Have It As Yet
Get It For Free
By Connecting To The Source
 - King Jesus!

Got It!?

Now ...

Let Your Faith
In Jesus Christ
Work It!