Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The In-Thing: SIN!

SIN - Satisfaction Is A Necessity!
SIN - Stuff Is Necessary!
SIN - Self Is Needy!

Sin Ain't No Biggie!

Are You Out Of Your Mind?
Whatever You Are Drinking
Or Anointing Your Self With
You Seriously Need To Stop!
You Really Need Jesus!

Come Onnn ...
A Little Sin Ain't Never Hurt Nobody!

Is That Right?!

You Live A Little!
You Sin A Little!
You Pray A Little
If Necessary
You Confess ... A Lot!

Lord Jesus, Have Mercy!
Sit Here! Sit Down!
Sit Down Before You Fall Down!

Do Not!
Do Not!
Do Not Ever Let Me Hear You Say Those Words Again!

Look Around You!
Can't You See The Result
Of A Little Sin?!

You Have Been Indulging Yourself
Imbibing The Wine Of Babylon
- Confusion -
Revelling In The Sin
That "Little Sin" Called Presumption!

A Little Sin Cost Adam And Eve
 ... Eden!

A Little Sin Cost Lucifer 

... His Position In Heaven!

A Little Sin By Cain Cost Abel 
... His Life!

A Little Sin In Sodom And Gomorrah Cost Them 
... Eternal Life!

A Little Sin On Earth Cost God 
... Jesus Christ's Life!


Sin In Man's Life IS Strife!

A Little Sin ... Unconfessed
Will Cost You
Your Share In Christ's Life
Presumptuous Sin
Is A Thing
That Grows Wings

When You Think You Are In The Clear

You - Appalled - Discover
It Has Taken Over Your Living Room

Is Proudly Sitting
In Your Comfy Chair
Displaying To The Cruel World

The Seat Of Your Dirty Underwear!

Ugly Picture!
Wipe My Eyes!

True Picture!
Let Jesus Christ Give You A Clean Heart!

Christ IS Our Sin Bearer!
We Are Sinners All

Jesus Made A Transaction
To Clean Us
From The Effects
Of The Fall!

If Sinner
Gives Sin-Bearer
His Burdens
Sin-Bearer Gives Sinner
A Bright Blessing In Exchange
Willful Sin
Has Its Own Rewarding
That Is Being Cast Out
Into Outer Darkness
From Which
There Is No Diminution Of The Shame!

When You Have To Eat
What You Buy
Calling Garbage ... Apples
Won't Make It A Pie!

I Love, Love, Loove Apple Pie!

Love Your Pie
Don't Build Your Castle
On A Slick-Willy Lie!

If You Love Jesus
Change Your Ways!

If You Desire Heaven
Put Playing With Sin
In The Grave!

Do Not Be A Slave!
Heaven Is With Gold Paved

A Confessed Repentant Sinner 
Leaning On Jesus
Will Have An Eternal Home
In The Peaceful Enclave!
Be Brave!
Jesus Loves You

Jesus Saves!

I Hear Youuu!

Don't Just Hear Me!

I Will!
I Promise You!

Give Jesus Your Intoxicating Wine
Receive His Water Of Life!