Monday, June 26, 2017

A New Song To Sing!

One Day
I Heard A Sweet Voice Singing
I Am Mercy!
Mercy For Thee!

I Accepted The Offer!
For I Had Been Crying:
Lord, Lord!
Have Mercy!
I Truly Need Thee!

I Walked Along The Lonely Road
And I Met Faith!
Faith For The Day!
We Walked In Communing Silence
For Grace
Sweet Grace
Was Paving The Way!

I Looked Up!
I Saw My Jesus
In The Most Holy Place
In The Heavenly Home!
He Was Adding His Petitions
To My Humble Prayers!

I Heard The Great Father Say:

I Accept It!
You Paid The Full Price!
Bless Our Little Children!
We'll Preserve Them!
They Shall Survive Satan's Strife!

In Between My Walking
And My Talking
I Was Praying Constantly!
I Was Communing Oh, So Sweetly
Sweetly With My Lord Jesus Christ!

He Extended His Hand Of Mercy
And Cupped Me To His Heart Of Love
And, Now
I Am On An Onward
Upward Trajectory
Because I Believe Him
I Have Hope In His Love!

Grace And Mercy Found Me
And Undying Love Lifted Me Up!
I Am Walking Onward
Ever Upward
To The Realms Above!

Jesus Christ Is My Master
My Lord!
My God!
My King!
I Am Going To The Holy City
Wherein Abides Love!
My Lord's Redeeming Love!