Tuesday, June 6, 2017

COMING OUT ... From Under!

There Was So Much Sorrow
In The Sight Of My Eyes ...
Dashed Hopes!
Wasted Lives!
Men Women Children
The Rich The Poor
The Have-Some
- Those Want-Not's -
Some Faithless To The Core
Some Knowing God A Little
Some Thinking Of God Not A Tot
Some Holding On To Piffles
Others Not Caring
Not Fearing
Decrying Sharing
Not Knowing
For Life
For Hope
For The Method With Life To Cope
Jesus Christ Marks
Hits In Us
The Spot
Not Satan's Dope!

Knowing Jesus
But ... Not Enough!
Going To God Through Jesus
But ... Not Enough!
Seeking The Comfort
Of The Holy Spirit
But ... Not Enough!
Asking For The Protection
Of The Holy Angels
But ... Not Enough
Is A Sure Fire Way
For The Sin Life
To Grab You By Your Neck The Scruff
As A Washout To Life
You Die
Or For Mercy
To The Living God
In Desperation
- In Abject Fear -
Well And Truly Cry!

You're Kind Of A Doom And Gloom
With Lettuce And Tomatoes Burger, Aren't You?!
How About A Little Bitty Ray Of Sunshine?!

Doom And Gloom-
Serves A Purpose
- As Does Sunshine -
In The Life!
Doom And Gloom Warns Us
To Get Up
ANDSunshine Says:

"Look Up!"

The Creator God
- Ever Merciful -
Is The Giver
The Sustainer
Of All Life!

If You Have No Bread, Friend
A Biscuit Will Always Suffice!

If You Have No Friend In Earth
Be Assured
Your Best Friend IS
The Author Of Life!

If You Have On Earth
No Hope
Look To The Lord Christ
In Whom Is Certain Hope
The Hope For Surpassing Glory
The Key To Which
You Will Find
In The Pages Of The Old
Ever New
Good News Story!

If You Have No Clothes To Wear
Jesus Christ Offers
- Straight From The Courts Of Heaven -
The Eternity Garment
Robe Of Righteousness
COLOR: White
Accessorized With
A Handcrafted Gold Crown
- Assured To Be Jeweled -
An Overcomer's Palm
A Golden Harp
For To Play
The At-Home-With-Jesus
Victory-Of-The-Redeemed-Ones' Sing-Along Song
To Honor
The Holy God
Through Whom
ANDBy Whom
Our Salvation Was Purchased
Before The Earth
Was Even An Atom Long!

No Shelter?!

There Is Shelter
Under The Shadow
Of The Eternal's Wings
There Is Always Room
For One More!
Call His Name!
To Him Cling!
- Like A Limpet -
Under No Circumstance
Satanic Manipulation
Demonic Device
Should You Let Go!

Go ... To God
Who Knows All
Who All Sees
Who Has All The Answers
For Which Your Hopeless
Heart Is Howling
Howling Crying!

Ask The Questions
Be Ye Standing
Lying Prostrate
Or On Your Torn Knees!
The Almighty God
Gave His All
To Save Us All
From The Life Of Sin
- The Effect Of The Fall -
I Appeal To Us All
Don't Do A Witch-Run
Like The Very Foolish King Saul!

Become As One Wise
Your End Will Be
For You Will
- Before The King Glorious -
In Triumph
On The Great Day Stand!

Grace And Faith!
Love And Mercy!
Hope For New Life In Christ
Gets One From The Blackness Of Darkness
Into The Glorious Light
Of God's Gift
Of Eternal Life
Absent Mortal Strife!

I Shall
In My Mind
Park This ...

New Life ... In Christ
Is The Best Approach
Aka The Only Way
To Get Out
From Under
Satan's Thumb
The Sin Life
To Get To The Eternal Home!

I've Got Me A Home!