Thursday, June 22, 2017

Man Is Made In God's Image! - The P. M. S. Nature

The Eternal Blessing God Made Man
In His Own Image!
Man Was To Walk Alone
All One
(At One)
With His Creator-God
Sin Intervened
Compliments Of The One Who Hates
Who On Greed
Lust Feeds
That Is Why All Mankind
A Loving, Redeeming, Savior
Desperately Needs!

From The Hand Of The Maker
Man Had The P.M.S. Nature
That Is
The Physical
The Mental
The Spiritual
Nature Of The Maker
Which Would Have Permitted Him
To Continually Grow
To Advance
To Become Like Unto His Maker
The Longer That He Should Live!

Man Was Not Made To Die!

Enter ... THE DRAGON!!

Satan - By Sin -
- With Sin - 
Is Recreating Man
Is His Very Own Image!

God Forbid!

Perish The Thought!

Sadly, Brethren
This Sad Story
Is Tryingly True
It Is To Our Benefit
- In And Of Christ -
Learn The Facts True
Through And Through!

If You Trust Jesus Christ True
You Can Disappoint The Adversary
By Giving Him
The Get-Thee-Behind-Me-Satan
Thus-Saith-The-Lord Shoe!

Think Of The Time
When Peter Confessed Christ's Divinity
In The Next Breath
Wanted To Protect His Lord
From Engaging His Mission's Strife!

Jesus Spoke
Not To Peter
But To The Adversary
In Between Them:

Get Out Of My Way Satan
So That I May Speak To Mine Own
Face To Face
No Blockers In Between
Willing Them To Walk Their Own Way
To Walk Alone!

Almighty God
- In Christ - 
Was Self-Denying!
Satan Is Not - Cannot!
All God's Children
- Like As Did Christ -
From Sin And Satan
They Will
To The Day Of Redemption  
- Saved -
We Must Depend Upon The Lord Jesus Christ!

Lord, Haste The Day!

Christ IS Our Anchor!
If We Lift Our Cross
As He Asks Us
We Will His Crown Of Life Wear!

When We Follow The Master's Living Example
Ever To The Great Father Repair
We Can Rely Upon His Input Of Strength
So That We May Reject The Devil
Avoid His Delicately Placed Snares!

Jesus Christ
Gave Us An Example Of Perfect Obedience
He Gives Unto Us
The Power
That We May
The Holy God Obey!

Friends, Brethren,

There's No Need For Circus Acrobatics
Nor Devilish Contortions
If We Will
- By And In Jesus Christ's Faith -
Just Humbly Say ...

  • Yes, Lord!
  • I Believe!
  • I Will Follow Thee!
  • Lord, Your Blessings I Gladly Receive!
  • Lead Me, Lord - I Will Follow!
  • Teach Me, Lord - I Will Pray!
  • Bless Me, Lord - You Are My Answer!
  • Take Me, Lord - I Am Yours To Command Today!

Preach It, Brother! Preach It!

If You Are A Wanderer
For A Safe
A Secure Home
I Beseech You, Remember That
"Jesus Christ Is The Answer!"
He Is The Corner Stone!

Don't Be A Foolish Builder
Reject Jesus The Christ
Without Him
There Is No Foundation Laid
That Is Not Laid Upon Him
That Will
- In The Day Of Discovery -

A Man Saves Construction Costs
When He Committedly Builds On The Lord Christ!

A Sure Foundation
Withstands Any And All Upheavals!


I Beseech You
To Trust God For Your Building Construction Materials
I Guarantee You
- On The Strength Of The Eternal Word -
- On The Character Of The Everlasting Father -
- On The Word Of The Living God Which Cannot Lie -
That No Bad Bricks
In Your Life
Can Ever Be Laid!
Only Needful And Necessary Bills Will Be Supplied!

All Things Work For Good ...!

Indeed! Indeed!

Let Us Recite Our Memory Verse:

The Only Man
That Jesus Christ Cannot Save
Is The Man
Who Will Not Believe That
Jesus Christ Saves!