Saturday, June 10, 2017

Whosoever Will May Come?!

There Was Going To Be A Grand Celebration!
The King's Invitations Had Been Sent Out!
A Buzz Was Over The Kingdom
Everyone Was Crying Out:

Did You Get An Invitation?!

The Oft Heard Answer?!


Until Someone Held Up An Engraved Card 

Whosoever Will
May Come!

Whosoever Will?!
Who Is Whosoever?!
We Know No One With That Name!
What Of Tom
Tracey Frank And Bill?

And What Of Henrietta
Flossie Tammy And Dear Phil?!
Who Is This "Whosoever Will"
That He
To The King's Celebration
Should Come!

Please Calm Down!
Lend Me An Ear!
There Is A Bit Of Confusion
Bad Interpretation
Let Not Your Hearts Be In Fear!

The King Invites You All To His Celebration!
It Is Your Decision
If You Will Take Part!
You All
Are Whosoever Will!
You Are All Invited
The King Desires You
To His Celebration
To Come!

Whosoever Will?!

Whosoever Will!
Rich Poor
Free Bond
Halt Lame
Even Those From The Skids?!

Whosoever Will?!

Whosoever Will!

Whosoever Meaneth Me!

It Meaneth Me ...!

And Me

And We!
Praises To The King!

Whosoever Meaneth ... ME!
It Meaneth Me!

I Shall See The King!
Let His Praises Ring!
I Shall See The King
That Day!
I Shall Wash My Robe
In The Blood Of The Lamb
And Be Cleansed
So That I May In Peace
Behold The Son Of God
The Son Of Man!

In All His Glory
We Shall See King!
He Had Been Gory
When Our Sins Did
His Dear Son's Body
It Was On Calvary
The King Gave His Son To Save You And Me
And Now
We Shall Say
Bless You, Lord!
We Gave Up The Fraud!

When We See Our King
On Celebration Day!
That Glorious Day!

Praise Be!