Wednesday, July 26, 2017

POPULAR CHURCH: The Message Of Warning!

Popular Church Cut Back
On Expenditures Of Fundamental Truth
So As To Maintain Confirmed Income
D. Sure Word
Genuine Devotion
Were Replaced By
Dr. Feel Good
Hollow Formalism
AND ... Truth Be ToldThat Is When
Resultant Apostasy
Sure Immorality
Walked Boldly Into The Sanctuary
In All Things
Did Prevail!
Straight Truth Was Not Hailed!

The Games Were Good!
The Dames Were Hot To Trot!
Little Men Were Elevated
Those Philosophical Doctors
Became Gynaecologists
Often Performed
Holiness Unto God Was Put Out!

Business Was Booming!

Profits Good Became Grand!
Christ Outside The Church Stood
Not One Soul Glanced 
At His Marred Face, Feet And Holy Hands!

The Joint Was Jumping
- No Longer A Place Of Orderly Worship
To The Eternal God -
Bacchanal The Grand
That Great Church-Growth Whisperer
Had The Lay Of The Land
All Were His To Command!

Was Done With Salt!
Communion Wine Was A
"Beautiful Rose"
With Designer Cookies
- Inscription By Choice -
That Ceremony Was No Longer Held
During Divine Worship Times
But At A Time Convenient
When Members On A Chosen Day
Had An Hour Maybe Two ... To Spare!
Not One Person Showed Fear!

As A Pejorative
- An Indictment If You Will -
Was Banned From The Premises!
PRIDE And Coming Out Parties
Were Gladly Approved
All Were Held During The Time
When The God Of Heaven Is To Be Worshipped
All The While Giving No Heed
Placing Any  Stock
In The Text That
The Living God Is Not Mocked!

The Coffers Swelled
For The Congregation New
Exponentially Grew
For Many Snowflakes
Sat Prominently
In The
"This Is Not A Hospital
Nor A Seat For A Sinner Pew!"

Business Is BOOOMing!

The Song Of Expansion
Is Constantly On The Ear!
Coffee Bar
Tapas Lounge
Berries And Banter!
You May Ever Hear The Electric Horse Canter!

There Is Even A Chapel
Arranged As A Cabaret
Where You Could Feast On Fondue
Hear A Religionist Talk, Too!

Real God Is A System For Deep Study
You Like Confused Stew!

Well ...

In The Midst Of 

MEGAFEST!Theme: The King Is Coming!

Several Total, Total, Strangers Turned Up!
They Were Different, Different!


Awe-Inspiringly Strong Voices Are Heard!

The King Is Indeed Coming!
Are You Washed And Ready?!
Are You Doing Things Right?!
Are You Doing The Right Things?!
Are You Just Doing Things?!


Are You Serving?!
Are You Self-Serving?!
Are You Serving Souls 
Making Them Ready 
For The Garners Of The Living God?!

Is The Living God Your Lord?!
Is Your Lord A Fraud?!
Is The Fraud Your God?!

Silence ... !

They That Wait On The God Of Heaven
Will See Their Strength Renewed!
They Shall Soar On Wings Of Eagles
They Will Run And Not Be Weary
They Shall Walk And Shall Not Faint!

Their Shepherd Is The Lord Most High!
They Shall Feast In Heaven Above The Sky!
They Shall Judge Satan And The Fallen Angels!
They Shall Range The Universe!
They Shall Be Immortal!

They Shall Stand Before The Throne
They Shall Eat From The Tree
And Drink From The River
Of Life!
They Shall No More Know 
Grief Death Nor Strife!

They Who Trust God
Trust God At His Word
Believing The Promises
Not Dissecting The Word
Standing Faithfully
Knowing By Faith
That The Eternal Is The One True!

Rumbling ...!

The Message Is Given
To All Who Choose To Believe:

Turn Away From Gross Folly!
Turn To Truth
And All Heavenly Blessings You Shall
At The Appointed Time

The God Of Heaven
Is The Consuming Fire
And He Is Not
By Shallow Formalism Deceived!

Apostasy Is Abomination!
Half Truths Are Whole Lies!
Hands Are Held High For Heaven
Or For Hell
And There Is No Reaching Across The Abyss
There Is No Hand-Clasp With Heaven
Whilst There Is A Foot-Plant In Hell!

Is Your Heart For The Holy God Right
And Faithful True?

There Is Heard A Rolling Of Distant Thunder!

One Stern Voice Speaks
And The Question Is Asked ...

If The Savior Returned Today
In This Very Hour
With All Might
And All Power
Would He Be Coming To Claim
To Take Home
Any One 
- Even One -
Of You?!

The Strangely Different Visitors Left As They Had Come!