Wednesday, August 9, 2017

JESUS : Always!?!

Jesus First!
Jesus Last!
It Is With The Lord Jesus
That My Lot Is Cast!

I Think You Forgot One!

I Doubt That!
If I Have Jesus First And Last
I Done Gone Home When He Comes!
I Hope He Comes Real Fast!

I Pray For You!
I Truly Do
For It Seems That You've Forgotten
Or Set Aside The Fact
You Should ALWAYS
In All Ways
For Always
Through All Ways
Because Of The Devil's Ways
Because You Don't Know The Way
Have Jesus With You!

Aren't You Being Just A Teensy Weensy Presumptuous?!

Not At All!



You Better Back Up That Mouth Of Yours
With Some Facts
Or I Shall ....!

Or You Shall What?!
You Just Stellarly Proved My Point!


To You
Jesus Is A Catch Phrase
And Dare I Say
Like A Comfortable Shoe
You Forgot To Make Him
Your Necessary Walking Stick 

IF One Knows That One Has A Handicap
Needs To Have A Physically-Stable Walking-Support
One Gets
One Keeps
One Maintains Constant Contact
With Their Walking Support
So That They Don't
Fall Short
Travelling On
The Right And Perfect Way!

Ahhm ... What Did You Just Say?!
Speak Street
For I Am A Layman
And I Have Not A Clue
What You Have Said
I Have Not A Handicap
Nor Impediment That I Can See
I Don't Even Know why
You Are Even Speaking To Me?!

I'll Break It Down For You:

You Are A Human
Your Handicap Is Sin
Jesus Is Savior
Your Healer
Your Necessary Support
So That You Don't Fall In Sin!

He Is There So That
By Faith
- In His Help -
You May Be Held Up By Him
On The Path To Life
Fully Supported
Be Upright Walking!


Yes! It Is True!
With Jesus Holding You Up
Satan Cannot Knock Out
His Support From Steadying You!

And, And
I'm Speaking To You
I Sincerely Care About You!

I've Never Heard Jesus Explained Like That
And I Never Though
About How
Jesus First And Jesus Last
Were Attached!

I Simply Assumed
That If I Have Him
First And Last
That That Meant That I Have Him
Like How You Have A Flask!

Let Me Tell You
You Are Not Alone
I Was Like That
Until The Day I Had To Walk Alone!

I Did The Assume Thing
And Found A Donkey Leading Me
As For That Flask
You Should Have Seen Me!

Life Gave Me The Tall Flask
Supposedly Containing Cooling Cure-For-All Tea!
That Flask Was Truly Heavy
So I Put It In The Cares-Of-The-World Bag
That I Studiously Carried Around
Every Single Place With Me!

As So-Called Fate
Time Would Have It
I Needed A Cooling Respite One Day
I Opened That Bag Of Cares
Lifted Out My Heavy Flask
It Being Light
It Hit Me 
"Wham!"Dead In My Face!

Wait A Minute!
You Said That That Flask Was Heavy
With Cooling Cure-For-All Tea
So How Did It Get Light?!
Were You Drinking From It Constantly?!

Not At All!
I Was Just About To Pour My First Cup!

And ... You Just Lost Me!
You Received It Full!
You Had Never Opened It!
Yet It Is Empty!
Maaan, I Can't Wait To Hear This Explanation!

I Was Dazed
Just As Are You!
I Shook The Flask - No Sound!
I Unscrewed The Cap
AND LO AND BEHOLDThat Flask Of Cure-For-All
Had No Stopper ...!

Ha Ha Ha!!

Why Are You Laughing!

Been There Done That!

Then Why ...?!

Why Am I Not Further Along?!

Yes! Yes!
You Can Say It That Way!

I Am Not Further Along Because
A. My Head Hard
B. I Am Stubborn, and
C. I Needed To Hear Your Witness

Seriously, Though
I Had Never Been Told
Or Never Had It Properly Explained
That The Life Lived In Christ
Is More
- Much More -
Than Start And Finish
Beginning And End
First And Last!

No One Has Ever Explained
- I Mean Really Explained -
That Life With Christ
Is A Constant
A Continuity
A Living With Its Highs And Lows
Humps and Grumps
Good Days Bad Days
Joys Sorrows
Ever Learning
Most Important Of All
Coming To The Conclusion
That Jesus Is
All And All
Acknowledging His Rights
To Our Person
Being Glad About It!

The Student Is Become The Teacher!

Not Really!
I May Be Hard Headed
But When I Reach Understanding
That Knowledge Belongs To Me
I Completely Embrace It
No Matter Where It Leads
Or Who It Offends!

You Know
That Is Where All Christians Need To Be
For That Is The Truth
That Comes Of The Text

I Love You!

Give Us A Cuddle!

Muah! Muah!

I Am Heading Outside!

So Am I! 

Let's Walk Together!

Yes, Let's! 

We Agree!