Tuesday, September 30, 2014



Riches without SORROW – only God can give
For the rich man in his greed thinks he'll outlive
The poor, the meek, the beggar in the street
Because he trusts his riches against God to compete!

Riches without FEAR – only God can give
For the rich man in his arrogance thinks he has no need
For child-like faith, or Almighty God in his life
Since with his money he purchases the bodyguards he feeds!

Riches without GUILT – only God can give
For the rich man in his great pride believes
His money entitles him to achieve
Whatever, and whoever, his lusts can conceive to receive!

Ah, rich man, now poor man – if only you knew
The God of Creation is always watching you
To see if your riches will to His Glory attend
Or give you the things that'll cause you into hell to descend!

Repent ye, this day, and to the Lord give your praise
Don't worship the things that fade and rust away
Be kind to the unfortunate, the downtrodden, the weak
And at the first resurrection, up to Heaven, you'll be raised! **BJC**

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Missionary Volunteers

Greetings, Dear Ones!


How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

Have your feet been hiding out in socks and under blankets like mine have been these last few days? Fall weather has arrived and it is surely making its presence felt!

Today I want to talk about doing mission work - the purpose of this blog - and missionaries ... for Jesus. Isn't that what we are called to be? (Go ye into all the world ...! Mark 16:15)

Many of us, myself included, wanted to be missionaries when we heard the mission stories from exotic and far-flung destinations; when we heard about the Lord's mighty hand moving amongst native tribes in these various destinations, and the many miracles experienced by those in the mission field. That was the life!

Then we grew up, life interrupted, and we forgot the dream until one day we, you, me, felt, saw, heard, or smelt something ... .

Our offering today is about the pull  one feels when  "I Want to be a Missionary!"

Enjoy, and don't forget to share!

Be well, and be gloriously blessed,


I Want to be A Missionary

I want to be a missionary
But … I don't want to have to go abroad
Because … I have neighbors and even family
Who don't know – or believe – in God!

I want to be a missionary
But … I don't want to pack a bag
Or get a shot, or even a passport
I know that my parents will be glad!

My mission field … will be in my township
My passport … will be the Holy Word
My shot … is the Spirit of the Lord, and
My bag … is showing care, and fellowship!

Don't worry … about traveling abroad, Friend
Charity … begins at home!
Just grow … where you have been planted

And God … you He will defend! **BJC**

Friday, September 26, 2014

Hold No Converse With Satan

Hold No Converse with Satan

Hold no converse with Satan
You do not have the skill
To put him decidedly in his place, Friend
He will assuredly overcome your puny will!

Jesus Christ showed us the way how
To handle Satan's shenanigans
Meet him headlong, with the Word of God
Against that he cannot defend!

Lean not unto your own understanding
For you are made of finite flesh
You haven't the intellect, nor experience of life
Nor the capacity to deflect him in his strife!

Invite the Holy Spirit's indwelling!
Immerse yourself in the Word of God!
Inculcate good habits – reflect the Word, and
Inspire others to follow our Lord!

So when Satan attacks – don't engage him
Don't be intimate, nor try to negotiate
Just give him both barrels of your gun – THE WORD! and
Don't ever from this plan deviate! **BJC**



Some people real ungrateful
They are never, ever satisfied
With what the Good Lord gave them
They always want more, besides!

They behave like God is a teller
That says “Kaching!” when ever they yell
And worse they think that He is a jeweler
To give them a lil' bit o' bling as well!

They act like He's a full-time gardener
To be always checking out the seeds
That their pastors told them to plant so
They could get a new car with some real speed!

Every week, they are faithfully planting
Their seeds and believing that those seeds will grow
Into a house, high-paying job, college tuition or
Even change them into big-time media star!

I pity those people who believe that our God is
Dr. Feel Good, Mayor Look Good – never Is Good!
I pray that they will reform, and be contented
With all the bounties they don't believe they now have!

Everyday we hear reports of people hungry,
People dying, children crying, epic floods and
We who have are never contented
All we want is some more glad rags!

We are blessed, let's be grateful, and give thanks to
Our Father, in heaven above,
He provides, justifies, and sanctifies us
For a home where contentment never ends. **BJC**

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Baby Picture

The Baby Picture

Today I saw a photo of a Baby
His brains - like cottage cheese - were falling out
He was surely worse for wear
Since his mama pushed him out

This baby's crime it was confessed
Was that he was the child of a Christian
His killing was a message sent
To those upon whom their blade could be bent!

I ask you fair, I tell you proud
The message was received e'er loud
The only purpose it served you see
Was to harden my resolve to with King Jesus be!

What purpose have I to live?
What reason have I to love
When those who would dictate my pace
Want my soul to be their slave?

Listen well, I tell you true
I'll only be a slave to the One who
Gave His life to ransom mine
That's JESUS CHRIST, the Lord Divine!!

So If your Soul IS enslaved to Satan
You chose your lot – I have chosen mine!
My Lord and my Almighty God
Is coming very soon, triumphantly
His ransomed children to take take home
Forever safe, no more to roam!
We'll live in mansions bright and fair
Wearing the bright crowns that Jesus promised
On heads immortal, ever young, ever strong
Singing Redemption's Song in the Gathered throng!

So do your worse for that's your best
You cannot a saint's soul distress
You may our bodies burn, oh yes
But victory is the crown we've earned I must stress!

Oh Calvary, Mount Zion strong
Sing out loud our battle song
Saints dead long, saints alive and strong
Praise our God
We're to Glory bound!


The “Christian” Walk

The “Christian” Walk

Lord, I am trying to walk
The straight and narrow way
But there are people in this church
That make me laugh, and not in a nice way!

My Child:
You came to Me today
All torn up inside
About all the things wrong inside your church
Even your Pastor and his new bride.

You spoke about shenanigans
Misappropriations, adultery
Trysts, fornication, and bastardy
And new football lotteries.

Please tell me, Dear Loved One
Why do you see all this?
You can tell me of every one else
But, where am I on your list?

Yes, you will see dishonesty
And infidelity, quite true!
You see everyone else's wrong-doing,
But aren't you dishonest, too?

In My Word Matthew Chapter 7
Written in verses 3, 4 and 5
It speaks of seeing another's small mote
When a big beam is blinding you!

I love you, Dear Child, but chastise you I must
Don't be a hypocrite about other people's dust!
Keep your eyes upon Me, I'm you Savior, your Friend!
Stop airing other people's dust-balls when you operate a pig pen!

Stop judging other people
Clean up your own dirt
Wipe the soot off your chimney
And wash out your dirty skirt!

Keep looking at Me
The clean pathway of Light!
Hold on to right principles
Let My light through you shine bright!

Be sober, be vigilant!
The adversary is very near
To send you away wayward
To blind you with despair!

Keep your eyes on Me – JESUS!
I am your way home!
Walk onward to victory
Look at ME, only, alone!

Put on my solid armor
It will shield you from sin!
It'll protect you, it'll cover you
No sin-dart let in!

So, Dear One, wear these things:
Love, JOY and Peace
LONG-SUFFERING, and Gentleness
Uncleanness – RELEASE!!

Add GOODNESS and Faithfulness
Add MEEKNESS – for sure!
To this we'll add TEMPERANCE
Over these the Law has no cure!

Oh, My Child, whom dearly I love
Keep your eyes fixed ever firmly
Upon My Kingdom, upon Me, for
I poured out My Life's blood – 'twas to save you!

Don't worry about others
You know what YOU must do
Do YOUR work, ever faithful


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Through the Fire


Genesis 1: 26 - Let us make man in our own image and in our likeness.

Genesis 2:19 - Lord God formed all the birds of the air and the beasts of the field and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.

On any given day, Hilda, Carmen and Sybil could be heard preaching the Bible to any and all who would listen, and to even those who couldn’t be bothered to listen.
They could be heard boisterously uttering phrases like “Too blessed to be stressed!” “Thank God for Grace!” and “I’m glory bound!” and “Bless Jesus, I’m saved!”
You could hear them singing:
Pass Me Not, Oh Gentle Savior; Open my Eyes That I May See; I’m Climbing Jacob’s Ladder; Onward Christian Soldiers; and I am Delivered, Praise the Lord!
But, there was something not quite real about any of them.
If you passed by Sybil’s house on laundry day, you could hear her singing:
I don’t like work, and work don’t like me, and that is the reason that I’m so hungry. Hallelujah, I’m a bum. Hallelujah, a bum again. Hallelujah, give me a hand out to revive me again!”
If you passed by when Carmen’s husband had gotten drunk and beat and curse her and the children, you would know that she had completely forgotten all about the catch phrases that she loved to quote to people when she was on her “Jesus Juice!”
You could hear Carmen asking the Lord to let the day come when she would ask Him to give her five minutes to “out that cretin’s lights” permanently. And that was after she had used enough technicolor phrases to make even a sailor blush!
As for Hilda, when she left off her preaching stint every Wednesday morning outside Dolphus' Shop, she stepped inside for the requisite flask bottle of Cockspur Rum which she said was for when “King Arthur kicking in me old tail!”
Of course, after she had taken a liberal dose of her “medicine,” she set about doing her Christian duty to, as she said, “The poor, morally bankrupt and lost souls.”
Everybody knew that was Hilda-speak for “I am going to give and get the juiciest gossip on everybody in this neighborhood!”
And, of course, there was Ms. Daisy. The most devout of the neighborhood Christians.
Daisy could hardly walk during the week, and needed help to do even the most basic things to keep herself comfortable. But, when Church day came along, Daisy could outwalk and outrun everybody, rain or shine, to be the first one in the Sanctuary. She was the one to speak to if you wanted to know the 411 on “them deceitful people in this church!”
These women had forgotten their examples from the Bible: Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Job, King David, Nehemiah, Paul, Dorcas, and on and on.

The Christian’s Lot
The lot of a Christian is hard, often bitter, and contentious. There is no minimizing that.
Look at the Master. He didn’t do anything wrong. He did all that was right in the sight of God and man, and yet, ultimately, he was brutally scourged and finally murdered.
However, with Christ as the only binding example of the Christian walk, we Christians are called upon
1. To be WISE, beyond education, training, situation or circumstance. We must remember that our current situation is NOT our final destination, and we must look beyond what is to what is possible.
2. To be temperate. We must do all things in moderation, including eat, sleep and work and play.
3. To seek to find our innate gifts. Think back to Genesis 2:19. God gives each of us gifts — we only have to seek for, recognize, accept and use, better yet, exploit them. If you want more gifts, remember, first, to use the ones with which you have been blessed.
4. To be our brother, and sister’s keeper. If your neighbor, your husband, or wife, mother, father, brother or sister hurts you, and you can help, even if he or she may have despitefully used you, you are required to assist that person. For, you are to heap coals upon that person’s head and let the Lord take vengeance, which He says is His, and which He will repay.
5. To surround ourselves with positive people, and to set a positive example for those who are otherwise. We must live up to our calling and project a sense of self that is worthy of our Christian calling.
6. To be rounded, a pie, if you will. A bible-thumper does not a Christian make, nor a slice a whole pie. We are to find the things that bring us and others joy, and stop sucking the air out of the atmosphere with our sour looks and pious expressions which only cover very shallow and one dimension beings.
         By way of analogy, I give you Life as told by the Rose:
Rose, that I am, while beautiful to behold and fragrant to the nose, is sheathed in protective thorns to keep at bay those who would mishandle or abuse me.

          As it relates to life, we are to observe, and enjoy, and handle said life wisely, or else the thorns

that are life’s prods to growth with tear us to pieces.
          I also give to you the analogy of the Redwood tree. That giant in nature which grows in community and toward heaven in all majesty.
A Redwood tree will never grow in isolation. It will never reach its potential if left to its own devices. At 1,000 plus feet of height, it needs the community of the brotherhood as support for its growth toward grace, as it cannot grow alone and be called by its real name.
           I also give to you the analogy of the Waterlily. The most fragrant and beautiful salve to the weary and wandering soul who gets life, and attains its regal stature and poise from growing where it is planted, in the dirtiest, dankest, smelliest, swamp imaginable.
In short, that Waterlily has learnt to “grow where it has been planted!” It has found its purpose in life and it lives above its surroundings while being a beacon to the lost, the weary and lone.
Finally, I want us to consider Samuel 16:7 - ... The Lord looketh on the heart.
We must not minimize people just because they are not like us in face, body, clothing, speech, education, living accommodation, financial acumen, bible mastery, or even in smell.
As Christians, we are to be as the Shepherd David:
David took his HARP and played for the soothing of his enemy King Saul’s soul.
David also played ,and sang unto his God of the desires of his heart and his personal observations of the Lord’s creation. David gave thanks and praise while seeing to the welfare of his parents, the displaced of the community; his followers; his army and the stranger within his gate.
David was not arrogant because of his elevation from the sheepfold. He accepted his chastisement when he was convicted of doing wrong in the sight of God and man, and he repented and became that beloved “Man after God’s own heart!”
David always sang of his faith in His Creator and TESTIFIED of His Creator’s saving grace and power.
David, that wise singer, songwriter, harpist, conqueror, builder, and King, after having found his purpose, and after having confessed and was forgiven of his sin, behaved himself wisely in all his ways, and the Lord, God, was always with him. **BJC**

Thursday, September 18, 2014



Be wary when at your worship
The Good Book - it is not opened
And never a Bible text noted
But popular wisdom is e'er grandly quoted!

Saints please don't become like sheeple
Because of over-yonder pretty people
Alphabet buildings, rock bands, comfy seats
Movie nights, and disciple retreats!

Prosperity's the gospel, feel-good's theology

Lightens your pocket and weighs down your soul!

If that's all that's wanted, I tell you clear

You got what you paid for: you sit in the best chair!

Seek the Undiluted Word of Our God
It's inerrant, it's faithful, everlasting and true
Yes, it's Inspired of God's Holy Spirit, and
Always has a sure word for you, too!

All God's people, turn away, turn away
From man's devices, and Satan's deceits!
Demand, I tell you, a “doth saith the Lord!”
Else return to those heathens their nice empty seats! **BJC**

God's unConditional Love


I heard a preacher speak about
God's unconditional love?!
I went cold because I knew
He was speaking anything but truth!

God's love is conditional
As shown from Holy Writ
But Satan's plan is applied and exercised
When you upon your Bible sit!

Please do not let your preacher tell you
What you should or should not believe
Unless he comes with a Doth saith The Lord!”
Do not his so-called plain word receive!

Open your Bible for yourself, friend
Read line upon line, and precept
God's word always explains itself
Upon that you can surely depend!

John 3:16 plainly states:
For God so loved the world That He gave His Only Begotten Son

That whosoever believeth in Him Shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

So, listen well now, Preacher Man
God is not a man that He can lie!
So don't you dare lie unto His flock
For, the Lord, He will not be mocked!

See here my friend, you must believe
That our God's love is true!
You MUST believe upon His Son
For THAT is HIS condition, for you! **BJC**

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Things - A Poem


I pass life’s display cases
Filled with things calling out to me
And though I try to ignore them
You know, they refuse to let me be!

I wonder who’s in control here
The things — or is it really me?
I know that I’m on a mission,
But, Lord, they keep yelling at me!

I don’t measure my life by the things I own
Nor by how many things I can get
Things are here for my pleasure and comfort,
But they don’t control me yet!

So when I hear the many things,
Calling out to me,
I put it all in perspective,

And continue on to the Tree! **BJC**

Tuesday, September 16, 2014



Sometimes I get so bothered
When I hear people say
That MY God is not a good one
And I should throw Him away!

They say He kills little children
And He took their mothers away
And fathers who were left behind
Well … they just went astray!

They blame Him for wars and famines
They blame Him for poverty
They blame Him for drought and hurricanes
And all manner of awful disease!

Many people try to blame my God
For their own willful ways
And when they get into trouble
They say He's never any good, anyway!

And when I really think on it
I realize right quick
They cannot diminish my God
And they can't turn Him into a Roman tick!

I'm tired of all these accusations
The cursing, the blame, the regrets
I'm standing up for my God, friend
Because He's never failed ME yet!

So you can keep on blaming OUR God
When YOU exercise YOUR own freewill
I'll keep on with Him to the finish
But you can't Him ever diminish!

God's Holy Spirit comforts me
His Holy Angels surround
I gave my God my will and my way
And His keeping of me is truly profound!

My God is the Creator
Sustainer, Redeemer, my Friend
He leads me on this path of life
And I'm onto Glory bound! **BJC**

Sunday, September 14, 2014

God's Workmanship - A Poem

Greetings, Dear Ones!

     I hope every one had a Happy Sabbath, and that all is well in your world!

     I recently had the occasion to gaze upon a set of photographs showing what men, surgeons of high degrees - who "knew" that they could fix with a knife, surgical vacuum and filler and pads, etc., what the Lord through Christ Jesus had created with His own hand - had done to the faces of those who had sought their professional skills to "fix" what "ailed" them, or else ...! You may add your own ending to the previous sentence!

     To say that the end result for all those persons seeking perfection for already beauteous faces/features is a dire testament to the price paid for those of us whose hearts are so burdened with the things of this world, that we are willing to destroy ourselves for what is ephemeral. It is so much smoke and mirrors, and it makes me very sad.

     There was a time when this type of behavior was displayed by the "rich and famous!" Now this behavior is to be found among the "regular" people.

     In Ephesians 2:10 KJV, we see the following:

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. 

    In Song of Solomon 4:7 ESV, we see the following:  

You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.

     Can't we  learn to be satisfied with what the Good Lord has done for us, unless it is out of medical necessity?

     In the old days, we often heard the elders say: "Beauty fades, but ugly lasts for ever!" and "She/he is handsome/beautiful, but he/she has no mind!" What an indictment!

    We are asked to look at people/self in the same manner as our Lord did when He was with the Prophet Samuel as he was doing the Lord's commission to find an earthly king for Israel: " ...[M]an looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks upon the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7 in part, ESV.

     What is wrong with many of us is NOT external, it is internal, and only Jesus Christ the Great Physician can fix what ails us.

    Dear Ones, let us forget about those things which fade, and look, instead, toward to the Eternal Kingdom and Eternity with our Lord and our God.

    Today's offerings are poems - one has its own page, and is entitled God's Workmanship, and one which appears at the bottom of this post  is entitled Mirror Therapy.

    God does not makes mistakes! He made each and every one of us just right!

     Sin caused the problem.

     Our God has, and is, the solution!




The mirrors in the olden days
Always replied when queried
Who’s the fairest of them all?”
You always are, my dearie!”

I had this mirror on my wall
That’s now sitting on a shelf
Because whenever I looked I saw
Someone not my reflected self!

I wondered how this was possible,
And my mirror calmly replied:
You don’t like yourself very much
And it’s reflected outside!”

I decided to change my image by Design
By enhancing the Miracle inside me,
The mirror stands proudly back on the wall
And my Inner Vision shines back at me! **BJC**

Friday, September 12, 2014

God's Creation

Greetings, Dear Ones!

    This is the day that we who are Sabbath-keepers call Preparation Day, wherein we make sure that all our chores are done, meals prepared, clothing readied, and by sun-down we are ready to Sabbath or rest in the Lord from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday.

     It is a beautiful time where we spend it worshipping, studying, and fellowshipping (the food is always wonderful), as we remember that it is the memorial of God's Creation, and that He is our Creator and deserves our worship. It is the day that we keep holy unto the Lord.

     In its honor, our offering today is a poem entitled God's Creation that speaks to the fact that all He has recreated is for the refreshment and renewing of our minds.


God’s Creation

Creation came from God’s palette
Made up of things supreme
He who designed the creation
Designed it to keep me serene.

Nobody views God’s creation
The way that it speaks to me
So my view of God’s creation
Can only be got from me.

God put all the right colors
In the rainbow, the flowers, the seas
They all fit together in perfection
Because God caused it to be!

So when I’m sad and lonely
I look at God’s creation and see
The beautiful things He created
The things that speak “peace” to me! **BJC**