Oh, Lord, I’m So Weary

Oh, Lord, I’m so weary
My soul can’t find its rest
I worry and I wonder, Lord
Why must I take this test?

I try to lead a good life
I’m willing to share with those in need
Nothing I have is too good, Lord
Your children I’ll help to feed.

My bed it offers no comfort,
I lay down, but no sleep appears
I say, “The Lord is my Shepherd!”
And suddenly, He calms all my fears!

I don’t know where this path is leading,
But I’m willing Your hand to hold.
Give me strength, patience and acceptance,
One day, Your Glory I’ll behold!

Lord, You say if only I’d let go and let God,
I could move mountains, rivers and seas
Dear Lord, grant me the faith of a mustard seed

And I’ll forever praise you on my knees! - **BJC**

My Self-Worth

My self-worth is not measured by
My bank balance
The kind of car I drive
The house in which I live
The company that I keep
How many vacations I take in a year
The town that I come from
The designer whose clothes I wear
Nor by what other people think I should be!

All things considered,
My self-worth is
All about how I feel inside
Knowing that I am the best at what I do
Believing that I am loved and am lovely
Being conscious of who I am
Knowing where I want to go
Knowing how I will get there, and
Never forgetting that I am a child of The King! - **BJC**


Impossible is not a word
That I care to conceive
Because it makes a liar of
The King whom I believe!

And since the King whom I believe
Has never let me down
Impossible is not a word
Around me to be found!

For me, all things are possible
Impossible holds no dread
Believe God — He will deliver
And impossible will be dead! -**BJC**

I Never Asked: “Why me?”

I never asked: “Why me?”
When I was born
When I heard my first sound
When I recognized my mother’s voice
When I heard my own voice
When I walked my first steps
No, I never asked: “Why me?”

I never asked: “Why me?”
When I learned to read
When I sang my first solo
When I went on my first date
When I got my first job
When I got married
When my baby was born healthy
No, I never asked: “Why me?”

But, ingrate that I am
I asked: “Why me, Lord?”
When I only had chicken to eat
When I had to wear last year’s winter coat
When I lost a job with no benefits only to find one with benefits
When I was struck by a car and survived to talk about it
When I had to move to a smaller residence
Oh, yes! I asked: “Why me?”

Then, one day, the scales fell from my eyes
And, suddenly, I realized that I have never asked: “Why me, Lord?”
For a roof over my head
For an agile mind, and great creativity
For food always on my table
For eyes that see Your creation every day
For health, for strength, for friends and family
Nor, for my spared life

No. I never asked: “WHY ME?”

Lord, I thank you for the blessings! - **BJC**

The Sabbath is the Holy Day
Where we shall find His rest
He bids us come, and live in Him
For He will surely bless.

Come unto Me, and labor not
On this Memorial Day
Of creation and redemptive power
He calls all to obey.

His blessing we shall surely find
When we do not forget
To remember His Fourth Command
To rest until the sun shall set.

So invite a friend to share a meal
And to our Lord sing praise
Sing Hallelujah, say a loud Amen
Every Sabbath Day, always!

             Sabbath Day, Sabbath day
            Our cares, we put away
            We rest today, in the way
            The Lord has specified
            Blessings He has promised
            To all who will obey
            So please, all, do remember
            The Lord, we should obey
            And rest, and get your blessing

            Every Sabbath Day! -**BJC**

The Publican

I'd rather be a Publican
Never a Pharisee
Because I know I don't deserve
The blessings Jesus heaps on me!

Yon Pharisee, he stands so proud
Of all his accomplishments
He spits at me, because he says
A sinner, I'll always be!

Last week when we went to temple
He pushed ahead of me
And said his prayers for all to hear
So they'd praise him like always!

I went because I knew my need
I stood behind a pillar
And beat me chest, and hung my head
And cried “Lord, help me! I am a sinner!”

I speak of this so you would know
Pride has no place in heaven
A humble heart, justification finds
And leads you up Jacob's ladder!

So just perhaps you're a bit proud of heart
Humble yourself before Him
Confess your sin, He will forgive
And give you a crown in heaven! -**BJC**

The Song of Praise Today is: Sing Out My Soul to the Lord by the Goretti Group and Dixieland

“Lord, Speak to Me!”

I was raised to be a Christian
But ran away from God
I wandered lost and weary
Too frightened to go home
Then one day when I could not go on
I prayed unto the Lord
I cried out in supplication
And begged Him for His Word.

The Lord, my Father in heaven,
Did not reject my prayer,
He knew my heart was weary and my soul was worn with care,
Tears of sorrow soaked my pillow
For all my wasted years
Filled with pain and humiliation
Because I gave in to my fears.

When I could cry no longer,
I prayed: “Lord, speak to me”
And now that I was listening,
He finally spoke to me.

Oh, weary one, cease your wandering
You cannot hide from Me,
I’m the King of all creation
And My eyes are watching thee.
There is no need to fear my yoke
My burden is very light
But should you find it too heavy,
Give me, and all will be right.
My wayward child cease you wandering
Place your head upon My breast
Let go and I will take control
It will be for the very best.
And when your journey on earth is through,
Come home to Me and rest,
And on resurrection morning,

You’ll take your place with the blessed!” - **BJC**

The Song of Praise for Today is: Great Is Thy Faithfulness by Cece Winans

The Rain Drops

The rain, it plays a tatoo
Upon my window sill
And even if I’ve been unwell
I no longer feel so ill!

The tip tip top pop, says to me
That these are baby rain drops
But the plop plop klop bop says to me
That these are daddy rain drops!

It makes me laugh to hear them
Play with their rain drop clan
And though I’d really love to join
I just watch the rain drops land!

And when their frolic of the day
Becomes a memory
I say thanks for the laughter that they brought
And write a poem to me:

The rain it makes me happy
The rain it makes me glad
I know my mommy loves me
And I am never bad!

Jesus sends the raindrops
To water on the earth
It fills up all the drinking tanks
So there will be no dearth!

Yet, they’re those around the world
Who have too much or NONE!
And I know that life for them
Can’t be any fun!

So I will say a little prayer
When I go to sleep tonight
And ask the King of heaven
To make all wrong things right! -**BJC**

The Song of Praise for Today is: Be Strong In The Lord!

The Blame Game

One day I said to Gabby
That parents were to blame for young ones going wrong
She looked at me, and said scornfully:
You really, really aught to be ashamed!”

Gabby rounded on me, and
Screaming like a banshee, said:
Young people are no good!
They act like them people from the Flood!”

Gabby, you know you are wrong, girl!
Children don't raise themselves!
Their parents set the first example,
And their children just sample!”

I really pity those young ones
Who follow the example
Of the rich, the bored, and the corrupt
Instead of emulating good parents
Who live in God's fear
They emulate actors, and athletes shooting up!

Oh, Father, I pray for Your mercies today
To help us raise children who obey
The Still Small Voice of Your Holy Spirit

So that we'll see our Glorious King one day! **BJC**

The Song of Praise Today is:  Symphony of Praise by California Baptist University Choir and Orchestra

Pray or Party

My friends – they wanted to party
I – just wanted to pray
I – marched to my own drummer
My music – it had no flair!

I – just wanted to sing praises!
They – just wanted to raise hell!
I walked alone – no companion.
Their group – it just ran pellmell!

I stood alone – by the altar
They were laid out – cold as stone
My heart – oh, how it grieved me
To see – I was still praying alone!

I finally understood the words of my Mam-ma
When she said: “Only walkers together agree!”
I've chosen to walk the “Straight and Narrow!”
No “Broadway to Destruction” for me!

Please heed the call of the Master
Do good, and good will follow thee
Look ahead, never left, all ahead, Friend

Jesus is waiting to crown thee! **BJC**

The Song of Praise today is: Take My Hand, Precious Lord on Gaither Homecoming

Talking to Jesus

Lord, I don't feel like praying
Your voice I do not hear
I have asked, and asked for a blessing
But You really don't seem to care!

My car broke down on the highway
My kitty has gone astray
My pantry is standing quite empty
And the refrigerator has nothing to share

Dear Child,
I know what you need, and provide it
That broken down car spared your life
Your kitty was carrying rabies
And you were eating away your life.

I always answer the prayers of my children
I counted the hairs on their heads
Your trials are for your perfection
And will lead you to eternal life!

Look well at all that befalls you
And know that My hand is there
What was meant to you for evil
In Me will turn out for good!

I called you for My purpose
You say you love your Lord
There is nothing that can take you from Me
For you're covered in My Blood!

Just keep praying to Me, I do hear you
I always answer for your good
Don't worry about the words - just  call on Me
For I saved you by My Blood. **BJC**

I Believe In ME!!

Everybody says, “Child, the Future is Yours!
Victory over No Expectation, if only you believe in yourself!”

Yet, everyday, I see those for whom the future is lost
Long faces, stooped shoulders, vacant eyes
Begging all who see them to extend a helping hand.

Everybody waits, with bated breath,
Imploring me to look up, to seize my moment in the Son
Never letting the Legion of Hope Lost
Mire me in the Lake of Expired Expectations.

I look up,
I seize my moment, and
Because, I Believe IN me!!