My Testimony - In The Clouds

In the Clouds

People all around me,
I hear them every day,
They talk to me, but their voices
Are coming from far away!

One day I just got tired
Of not hearing what they hawked,
I shook myself up roundly,
And was shocked at how they talked!

Oh, we talk but she can’t hear us,
She’s off inside the clouds.
We try but she won’t listen,
Even when we’re very loud.”

We love her and we want her back,
To feel and laugh and play,
Cause there’s nothing that could hurt so bad,
That love can’t chase away!”

This day it was no different,
From any other day,
But their voices sounded pained and hurt,
And pierced me through my heart

Suddenly I felt those pin pricks
Of their love poking me through the clouds
That had covered me so completely,
And I no longer felt alone.

Each time love’s pin-prick pierced my heart,
Another cloud fell away
Until finally, I saw God’s sunlight,
And the pain had gone away!

There was so much rejoicing,
At my return to the fold,
I felt that I’d never gone away,
And then my story I told:

My brothers and my sisters,
You who prayed and talked with me,
Listen well now, pay attention,
To what you see as me!

For long I paid lip service
To the practice of my faith,
Until the world felt like a crushing weight,
Covering up my face.

I’d gone through all the motions,
Gone to church, said the prayers, paid the tithe,
But it was no longer satisfying,
And I just wanted to hide.

I got so good at hiding,
First from you, then from me, then the Lord,
But unknowing to me, the Great Lord of the Tree,
Had an army out praying for me!

People called and many visited,
In my dreams their faces I saw,
They begged, they beseeched, “Please return to your seat!”
The Father has issued the call.

Then one day the voices got louder,
They kept interrupting my daze,
And that’s when I was suddenly shaken,
To get myself out of the haze.

Those voices had finally gotten to me,
I no longer felt safe in my cocoon,
With no more dark thoughts to sustain it,
It was safer sitting under the moon.

Now, today, I stand before you
A testimony to what prayer can do,
No matter how sad, lonely, mad or bad,
There’s someone out praying for you!

So, as a memorial to my journey,
And a testimony to the power of love,
I collected the pieces of my broken cocoon
And crocheted this quilt for my Love!

Dear Father in heaven,
I give you today,
This quilt made with sorrow and shame,
There’s sadness, rejection, pity — no reflection,
Disgust, contempt and some blame.

In the middle of this quilt, Dear Lord,
Are all my praises to you
You issued the call and your children did respond,
To return this little mite to you.

So that I’ll never forget my great journey,
I’ve chronicled the pieces of my quilt,
Each section is made with a different brocade
And sewn with the thread of my regrets.

There’s pink to represent the pity myself
The green represents all my greed
Yellow is cowardice in yielding to temptation
And black is the burden of my needs.

In brown you’ll find the strands of my betrayal
In apple is purest agony
Gold is my love for the things of the earth
And ocher — opposition to the Lord!

And then there are animals in my quilt so profound,
Showing off all my baser instincts:

The peacock is my vanity displayed
The fox helped me outwit the world
The lion represents my pride in my craft
And the cheetah helped me run away from God.

And then in the corners of my praise quilt to you
Are four pure white turtle doves,
Proudly standing for all to behold and representing,
Charity, Faith, Hope and Love!

Each dove is carrying a message you
On dirty white representing my soul
Thanking you, praising you, loving you, wanting you
Always to cover me with your love!

The tempter tried to take me away
Saying “What kind of god would give pain
To a child who loved long and so faithfully —
You know, that’s not a fair exchange!”

Yes, I stumbled, lost my faith, and then was humbled to know that you loved me so!
Though I broke faith, You never turned your face and today I re-take my place
At the foot of the cross where you paid my cost,
Never more to wander away!

Yes, I strayed, my friends prayed, His voice I obeyed
Because my sins with His life He paid!

The clouds are all gone
I’m back where I belong
His praises to sing evermore
The quilt is my tribute
My friends I salute you
And thank you for not giving up the faith!

Psalms: 51:10-13
(my favorite Bible text)

Create in me a clean heart, oh Lord
And renew a right spirit within me
Cast me not away from Your Presence
Nor take not Thy Holy Spirit from me!
Return unto to me
The Joy of Thy Salvation
And uphold me
With Thy Free Spirit
Then will I teach transgressors Thy Ways
And sinners will be converted unto Thee.

(from one of my favorite pieces of choral music)

Lead me, Lord
Lead me in Thy Righteousness
Make Thy Way plain
Before my face!

For it is Thou, Lord
Thou, Lord, only
That makest me dwell
In safety!

My Favorite Piece of Choral Music as My Song of Praise: "Thanks Be To God!"