An Evening Prayer:

 Heavenly Father,
Grant me a peaceful night’s sleep.
Cause your guardian angels
to hover over my bed,
to walk the halls of my home,
to guard my front door and my back door,
to guide my going out and my coming in,
and to protect me from all evil.
Grant me the sleep of forgetfulness
where I can put away the trials
and tribulations of the day,
and rest, calmly and peacefully,
under your sheltering wings, Lord.

The  Song of Praise today is: Lead Me Lord by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

A Prayer for the Healing of a Troubled Soul:

Heavenly Father,

My heart is sad, and my soul is troubled, and

I feel bogged down by all the burdens it seems

that I am bearing all alone!

Have mercy on me!
You have said in Your Word to come unto You 
if I labor and am heavy laden,
and You have promised to give me rest!
Oh, Father! I am claiming that promise, 
and I beseech you to
provide that promised rest, 
in the matchless name of the Lord Christ, and for His Sake.
Thank you for answered prayer.


The Song of Praise today is: Nearer, My God, to Thee sung by the Sharon Mennonite Singers

Prayer for a Wayward Teenager

Dear Father, I come before you as a supplicant and a

penitent, thankful for Your Grace, and pleading for Mercy!

I bring before you my Daughter, a child, Father, who has,

until very recently, been gentle, loving, kind, and obedient.

Now, Father, my Daughter is fretful, angry, disrespectful,

rude, staying out late without a word, unkind to everyone, and

disobedient, often speaking dreadful and hateful words.

Lord, I am at my wit's end, and I am beseeching you to

have mercy on us! I lay her down on the

Altar of Sacrifice, and pray for the outpouring of your

Holy Spirit upon her. I also pray for Your Peace for her and

our family. Her life, Lord, is in Your Hands.

I thank you for heard and answered prayer, in the name of the Lord,

Jesus Christ the Righteous.


The song of Praise today is: Who Am I by the Altar of Praise Chorale

Prayer for Rescue Workers

Heavenly Father, I can hear the sirens in the distance,

and I pray, Lord, for the Police Officers, the Firemen, the EMTs 

and other rescue workers. Father, I pray for Your Holy

Angels to go before them, to guard, guide and protect them.

I pray for Your Holy Spirit to comfort their hearts, to heal

their distresses, and bring to their remembrance

their need of the Savior. I ask You, Father, to grant

them wisdom, understanding, and discernment to seek

out the matter, and not to take unnecessary risks on the

road, nor at their destination, and I ask You to grant them

hearts filled with compassion patterned after The Master.

Father, they sacrifice much of themselves to help us in our

time of need, and I beseech You to grant them Your Grace, in the 

name of Jesus, and for His Sake. 


The Song of Praise for Today is: Count Your Blessings by Ann Williamson

Prayer at the Start of the Sabbath

Heavenly Father, we come to You at this the start 

of the Sabbath day thanking You for another opportunity

to come before you to worship You, to praise You, to

celebrate this memorial day of Your creative works and sovereign

Lordship, and to find our rest in You, Lord. You have said 

in Your Word, Father, that we will be blessed who keep this 

Your Holy Day, and we humbly beseech 

You for Your blessing on us, our families, near and far, 

Your Church around the world, in whatever circumstance 

they find themselves, and most especially those who are 

seeking after righteousness. We ask, Father, that You provide 

for each person according to their need, whether physical 

or spiritual, and we ask that You help us to stand

faithful to You while time shall last. We bless You, Lord, in the 

name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and look forward

with longing hearts to that Great Day when we shall forever 

Sabbath in, and with, You in Heaven.


A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Heavenly Father, I come before you as a Child greatly beloved

to offer You my praise, and my worship. Father I love you, and
just wanted to say thank you for all the blessings, seen and unseen,

known and unknown, that You, in Your Mercy, have poured

out upon me. My heart is filled to overflowing with thankfulness

for all the bounty You have bestowed. Father, I know that

sometimes I appear ungrateful for Your Mercies and Blessings,

and I ask Your Forgiveness. Help me to not seek to trust my life

to my eyesight but to do right, and live right in Your sight.

You see all, You know all, and You are in all, and I ask Father,

with a contrite heart, that You, under the agency of 
Your Holy Spirit, to help me to walk the straight 
and narrow path toward salvation. 
I give You this day and always, my will, and my way, 
and ask You to help me not to lean unto my own understanding.

Father, I thank for the gift of Calvary which allows me to come

before You, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and I sincerely

thank You for accepting an often wayward child's prayer.


Prayer to Humble Self

Heavenly Father,
Help me to humble myself before You 
when Your Hand of chastisement is upon me.  
Father, help me, I beseech You, to bend 
to Your Will for my life before 
I am forced to break under your judgments. 
I ask this mercy in the name of Jesus Christ. 

A Prayer Asking God For Help

Father, please help me!

Help me to not denigrate Your holiness as I elevate my humanity to be like Christ, under the agency of Your Holy Spirit, for You are God.

Father, help me to express godly sorrow and show true repentance when the Holy Spirit convinces and convicts me of sin and error.

Help me to be constant in my acceptance that You are true in Your Word when You say that You have cast my confessed sins into the sea of Your forgetfulness, and help not to allow Satan to make me trot out confessed sin, wearing it as a hair-shirt and indulging in self-flagellation and thereby displaying my total lack of faith in Your faithfulness.

Father, you have forgiven my sins time and again, and I am asking You to help me to forgive those who seemingly relish their sin against me as they gleefully pay me the lip service that is their repentance, and help me to measure their repentance by Your yardstick, and not my own, for my hands are not clean nor is my heart pure, and I am truly fearful of what I would do without Your help and leading.

Father, it is really very hard to be kind to the unkind, to love the unlovely in spirit, to not denigrate the disparaging, and to be a blessing to the hateful so I am asking you, Lord, to help me look beyond their faults to find their need, and to be willing to provide that needed and necessary assistance as Your Holy Spirit leads.

Help me to stop being judgmental.

Help me to stop procrastinating with the tasks You have laid before me.

Help to stop speaking with a forked tongue.

Help to not be arrogant in my conviction of my rightness but at all times to display a Christ-like spirit in my interactions.

Help me to display humble boldness in my defense of  truth, for truth does not require color, nor spin, nor explanation by a sharp and arrogant tongue.

 Help me, Father, to find it in my heart to feel pity for those who do not care to pity themselves nor their circumstance nor situation, and to remember that, were it not for my acceptance of Your free grace I, too, would be in their condition.

Help me to show Your love by my willingness to do for my fellow pilgrims on the journey that is this life.

Help me also, Father, to stop acting as though I can save the world, or anyone, and help me to give all my burdens to You, for You are able to save, to help, and to heal.

Father, help me to be like the Apostle Paul to, in all things, and at all times, hungry or full, in want or in abundance, give thanks.

And, Father, help me to so live my life, that Your name may always be glorified.

I ask these mercies in the name of Prince Immanuel, and thank You for hearing and answering my prayers.

I love You, Lord.


A Prayer To Be Kept From The Sin Of Presumption
Heavenly Father, have mercy on me, a sinner.
Father, I come before You, and beseech You to keep me from 
committing the sin of presumption.
Help me, Father, to always remember that there is not anything that I can do, 
that I can do without You. Help me, also, to always keep before me 
that it is because of You, that I have my being; that I am a child, 
a sheep in Your pasture, and that I am to go, and be, 
and do what You require of me. 
Help me to daily seek Your will for my day and my way, and that I will, with
a humble and contrite heart, commit my stubborn will to Your leading. 
Help me, also, to remember that though it seems to this finite mind that You are silent, 
that You always answer the prayers of the faithful, 
whether that answer is yes, no, wait, or Your Grace is sufficient for what 
ever state, or estate, in which I may find myself. Father, help me to stand firm in the
faith of Jesus for, at times, the sufficiency of Your Grace 
feels an awful lot like welcome to the pain. 
Help me to understand, and accept, that 
Your way is not mine, neither are Your thoughts mine,
and please give me the grace 
that I desperately need to be steadfast and true to You
in the midst of my storms. And, Father, for those days 
when I do get ahead of myself, whether in anxiety, fear or distress,
or sheer willfulness, I pray for Your mercy, and forgiveness, 
and plead to be strengthened along the treacherous pathway that is this life. 
Through it all, Father, I offer You my prayers, my praise, and my worship, 
in the blessed name of Jesus Christ, the King, and ask in faith that
You will bless me, Lord, 
so that I may bless another out of Your bounteous hand of provision.
I love You, Lord, and I thank You for hearing and answering my prayer.

Prayer: Spare me!

FATHER, spare me from the curse of riches
for I fear that in my ease and abundance 
I will see no need for You.
Instead, Father, I pray that you will grant just enough
so that I will never forget from where my help comes.
Spare me, Lord, from an abundance of self-confidence,
for I fear that in my reliance on self,
You will become redundant
and serve no useful purpose in my life.
What ever pinnacle I, with Your blessing, may reach,
spare me, Father, from the rabid desire for the world's applause
for I fear that I may become so enamored of that dainty
that I will think myself a god to whom adulation is due,
and think myself ascended to be on equal with my Lord.
Spare me from that deadly sin called greed,
and teach me instead to be contented with what I have
so that I may eat grass and be ever so satisfied
because Your blessed hand has provided.
Father, help me to be happy for my neighbor when
good fortune smiles upon her, and help me to not covet
her possessions for myself because
I know, in my heart, that in due season
You will bless me also.
Help me to patiently wait upon You
for I know that You are able.
I love You.

A Prayer For Help To Maintain
Our Allegiance To The Lamb

Father, we hear daily of fellow believers
who are paying with their lives for their faith 
and belief in the Lord, Christ.
Help us, Father, to hold to our allegiance to the Lamb
In the face of great and studied opposition and animosity.
Help us to stand against the demon-heart encased
In the flesh of a human who would kill us 
For our faith in Jesus Christ.
Help us to keep praying, and obeying
Loving and longing for that home in the realm of the blessed.
Oh Lord, please keep us in Your care, and render us
Willing and able to maintain our allegiance and
At the end, to stand up for: 
the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ;
Faithfulness to, and through, Him 
Who redeemed us for His own;
Liberty of conscience;
The truth that is the Living Word; and
Our living hope of  Eternal Glory.

Prayer: Asking God For Renewal

Oh, Father, have mercy on me!
I give You my sinner’s heart and
Ask You for the renewing that
Comes from repentance
And from rejecting complicity, and
Refusing again to live in sin’s shade!
Bless me, help me, and shield me
From Satan’s sophistries, and sure-ways by
Keeping me praying, and praised up, and
Walking uprightly on the King’s Highway!

Prayer For Protection

Oh, Lord, there are so many questions
That I need to answer
As I venture out each day to
Face those in the high and byways,
Whether friend or foe,
Adversary or associate,
Benefit or burden,
Leech or love.
I ask You for Your covering.
I ask You, Lord, to lead me and
Help me to do what You want me to do
In whichever circumstance I find myself.
Help to remember that there is no place that
You can bring me to, that You cannot carry me through.
I ask You, Lord, to guide my footsteps and
Let me not pick up the fleas of sin that
Attach themselves to the warm body
That lacks the Living Power that
Heals, seals, and protects from the wiles of Satan.
Lord, where there is a lack within
Please instill, and fill me.
Give me Your strength, Lord, and 
Help me, through Your Grace,
To stand up aright, and stand ... victorious!