God's Workmanship

God's Workmanship

I feel pity when I see
So many discontented
With what they be
Their faces, their chests
 They oft' confess
Leave much to be desired
In this age of perfectness!

The perfect slant
The just right tilt
Dewey softness
High-rise chest
Require touch-up
So they would hold-up!

Those kissy lips
That perfect pout
Over-extended - you'll be blended!
Then all the people scornfully say:
"Oh, look at her Fish-face today!
Do you not see? Can you not tell?
Look at that snout!
She has a Trout-pout!"

Oh, poor soul
Do you not know?
That God through Jesus
Made you whole!
No need to fill
No need to suck
No need to cut
And add a tuck!

Our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ
Made you just perfect
In His sight!
No one needs
His canvas to touch
For don't you know
They'll just mess it up?

Dear Child, don't seek
To fix outside
What ails you now
Resides inside!
Give Christ your heart
He'll safely care
Your body whole,
Your burden share!

Reach out today,
He is quite near
Oh, friend, I beg you
Call! He'll hear!
His Holy Spirit
Comforts, and heals,
If to His keeping,
Your burden yield!

Forget the knife
Forget the pump
Give Him your burden,
Oh, please, don't jump!
He's always near,
Please don't despair,
Our God, through Jesus
Made you just right! 
For you are PERFECT
In His sight! *BJC**