Friday, September 26, 2014

Hold No Converse With Satan

Hold No Converse with Satan

Hold no converse with Satan
You do not have the skill
To put him decidedly in his place, Friend
He will assuredly overcome your puny will!

Jesus Christ showed us the way how
To handle Satan's shenanigans
Meet him headlong, with the Word of God
Against that he cannot defend!

Lean not unto your own understanding
For you are made of finite flesh
You haven't the intellect, nor experience of life
Nor the capacity to deflect him in his strife!

Invite the Holy Spirit's indwelling!
Immerse yourself in the Word of God!
Inculcate good habits – reflect the Word, and
Inspire others to follow our Lord!

So when Satan attacks – don't engage him
Don't be intimate, nor try to negotiate
Just give him both barrels of your gun – THE WORD! and
Don't ever from this plan deviate! **BJC**