Monday, September 22, 2014

The “Christian” Walk

The “Christian” Walk

Lord, I am trying to walk
The straight and narrow way
But there are people in this church
That make me laugh, and not in a nice way!

My Child:
You came to Me today
All torn up inside
About all the things wrong inside your church
Even your Pastor and his new bride.

You spoke about shenanigans
Misappropriations, adultery
Trysts, fornication, and bastardy
And new football lotteries.

Please tell me, Dear Loved One
Why do you see all this?
You can tell me of every one else
But, where am I on your list?

Yes, you will see dishonesty
And infidelity, quite true!
You see everyone else's wrong-doing,
But aren't you dishonest, too?

In My Word Matthew Chapter 7
Written in verses 3, 4 and 5
It speaks of seeing another's small mote
When a big beam is blinding you!

I love you, Dear Child, but chastise you I must
Don't be a hypocrite about other people's dust!
Keep your eyes upon Me, I'm you Savior, your Friend!
Stop airing other people's dust-balls when you operate a pig pen!

Stop judging other people
Clean up your own dirt
Wipe the soot off your chimney
And wash out your dirty skirt!

Keep looking at Me
The clean pathway of Light!
Hold on to right principles
Let My light through you shine bright!

Be sober, be vigilant!
The adversary is very near
To send you away wayward
To blind you with despair!

Keep your eyes on Me – JESUS!
I am your way home!
Walk onward to victory
Look at ME, only, alone!

Put on my solid armor
It will shield you from sin!
It'll protect you, it'll cover you
No sin-dart let in!

So, Dear One, wear these things:
Love, JOY and Peace
LONG-SUFFERING, and Gentleness
Uncleanness – RELEASE!!

Add GOODNESS and Faithfulness
Add MEEKNESS – for sure!
To this we'll add TEMPERANCE
Over these the Law has no cure!

Oh, My Child, whom dearly I love
Keep your eyes fixed ever firmly
Upon My Kingdom, upon Me, for
I poured out My Life's blood – 'twas to save you!

Don't worry about others
You know what YOU must do
Do YOUR work, ever faithful