Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Today I am Counting ... BLESSINGS!

Greetings, Dear Ones!

Today, I am

Counting Blessings!

I awoke this morning and thought
What a blessing!”
I looked at the sunrise and thought
What a blessing!”
And then as I started my busy day,
It dawned on me and I thought to myself
I’ve got a lot to be thankful for so I know I should 
be counting blessings!”

I sat down for a little while and did a short review
Yes, of course, there were blessings to count
And more than just a few!

Blessing No. 1 - I’d awakened today
Blessing No. 2 - I was healthy
Blessing No. 3 - inside the cupboard door
Blessing No. 4 - I was wealthy

I cast around inside my life
Looking for blessings to count
And as I concentrated on this
The blessings started to mount!

Blessing No. 5 - is hands that could work
Blessing No. 6 - seeing eyes
Blessing No. 7 - is ears to hear
Blessing No. 8 - I’m alive!

I thought some more and realized
So far I’d thought just of me
I’d not even touched on family and friends
Counting blessings could take at least a week!

I knew I’d never complete the task
Of counting the blessings that I had received
So I just gave up this impossible task
And instead thanked God on my knees!

As I got up from giving thanks
I vowed to count blessings each day
Even though the blessings are infinite

At least I can say “Thank YOU!” when I pray!**BJC**