Tuesday, September 16, 2014



Sometimes I get so bothered
When I hear people say
That MY God is not a good one
And I should throw Him away!

They say He kills little children
And He took their mothers away
And fathers who were left behind
Well … they just went astray!

They blame Him for wars and famines
They blame Him for poverty
They blame Him for drought and hurricanes
And all manner of awful disease!

Many people try to blame my God
For their own willful ways
And when they get into trouble
They say He's never any good, anyway!

And when I really think on it
I realize right quick
They cannot diminish my God
And they can't turn Him into a Roman tick!

I'm tired of all these accusations
The cursing, the blame, the regrets
I'm standing up for my God, friend
Because He's never failed ME yet!

So you can keep on blaming OUR God
When YOU exercise YOUR own freewill
I'll keep on with Him to the finish
But you can't Him ever diminish!

God's Holy Spirit comforts me
His Holy Angels surround
I gave my God my will and my way
And His keeping of me is truly profound!

My God is the Creator
Sustainer, Redeemer, my Friend
He leads me on this path of life
And I'm onto Glory bound! **BJC**