Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Crucify HIM Again

Crucify Him Again?!

He made the heavens, the earth, the seas.
Crucify HIM!
He created man to be like Him, and for worship.
Crucify HIM!
What did He ever do to you?
He made Redemption's plan to save you!
Ohh! Crucify HIM!

Refrain #1:
Have you no shame?
He has no blame!
He loves you, yes!
He's glorious!
Why crucify HIM again?

Refrain #2
He is the King! He has no sin!
He loves you, yes! He's glorious!
He is the King! His name's JESUS!
Don't crucify HIM … again?

Don't crucify HIM again! **BJC**

#LarixMusic (Lynnie Bee: I need some music for this, pretty please? XOXO) - Auntie Betty