Sunday, October 5, 2014

Man's Favorite Pursuits

Man's Favorite Pursuits

She is ever the sensualist
He lives by all his greed
They are so very ambitious
And very proud indeed!

She is ever so puffed up
He is a stuffed-shirt by his creed
They complement each other
Love of money is their speed!

She's selfish, he's miserly
Both dishonest to boot
They fear no law nor justice
Will not fear to shoot!

Prayer? Bible? Believer? Jesus who?
When did you say we were introduced?
Then Put Him on the speed dial
We'll call Him if we need a boost!

Pride! Greed! Gluttony! Sloth!
Lust! Envy! And Wrath!
They indulge in them all
And, yes! Then they laugh!

Who cares what others think!?
We live for ourselves!
Why must you always butt in?
Who let you through our chain link?

They lived their lives like hedonists
Nothing to recommend them
But like the rich man with Lazarus
They're only fit to condemn!

It was only when in review
Their lives looked back in
That they recognized with horror
How foolish they'd been!

Those that they'd ill-treated
Those they'd robbed blind
Those they'd had wrongly punished
They now begged to be kind!

Alas, it's too late
You're no friend of ours
You despised us and you cursed the Lord!
Yes! THAT King Jesus!

No! We cannot help you!
There's enmity, there is envy, no love between
You sinners and the Savior
Oh, look! The opening scene!

The sky is unfurling
Rolling back as a scroll
Look! There! Upon a white horse,
With many crowns, is the Lord!

The graves are opening wide
Saints alive with the dead-in-Christ rise high
To meet our Savior in the sky!
Sinners, prepare to die!
I'm sorry!
Goodbye! **BJC**

Dear Friends:
Lest you think that Christians will gloat at the loss of the wicked, think again!

The Lord has said in His Word that it is not His wish that any should perish. So, far be it from the truth for us as HIS children – who choose to obey – to rejoice over those who are, or will be, lost. Let us, therefore, redouble our efforts to help prepare a people to meet the King.

Let us, if we can't preach, pray for, cook, feed, clothe, visit,
and love our brothers and sisters into the Kingdom.