Friday, October 3, 2014

Marston 'n Marcelle's Marriage

Marston 'n Marcelle's Marriage

Marston looked at the rising sun and saw
Another challenge waiting to victimize!
Marcelle looked at the same rising sun and saw
Another blessing – oh praise Him who supplies!

Marston looked at the mirror and there he saw
Miserable weariness on the face of years!
Marcelle looked in the same mirror and saw
Happy tiredness on a face with no fears!

Marston looked at the old horse and saw
Just another drain upon their oft' meager supplies!
Marcelle looked at the same old horse and saw
A faithful laborer who never gave a surprise!

He looked at Her and She looked at Him
Each looked at the other, and saw deep within
He saw the peace that she held most dear
She saw anger, bitterness, and much despair!

They both spoke at the same time!
Both wanted to be heard!
She said: “You go first!”
He said: “Don't be absurd!”

This, my friends, is how it is
When unequally yolked two partners be
She says: “It is an 'A!'” He says: “Oh, you mean 'Z!'”
And so, Dear Ones, they can never agree!

Darkness and Light, Blackness and White
She means By Faith, He means By Sight
She holds her Bible dear, He won't ever come near
He won't go to Bible Class, They are ever at an impasse!

For many years, Marcelle faithfully prayed ... to God!
For many years, Marston faithfully played ... the Fraud
Until one fateful day not too long past
He came very near to breathing his last!

And so it was that perspectives aligned
She asked to pray for him, and he ever so quickly replied:
"Dear Wife, I am sorry for all that I've done and been!
Pray to your Jesus! I need to be made clean!”

So after years of pleading and praying for him
Marcelle prayed to The Dear Lord, and asked Him to draw nigh
To her beloved husband along life's journey e'er long
And thanked the Almighty for His love so kind and true
For keeping this Dear One so that he, too
Could be welcomed into the Household of Faith
As he had now forsaken what was his great disgrace!

Oh clean him, Lord bless him, as he walks the narrow way
And by Your Grace, Father, we'll see You faith to Face!” **BJC**