Thursday, October 2, 2014

Redemption Song

Redemption Song

a lie was told
godhood the goal
no death know good from evil

Eve ate the fruit
Adam shared the loot
we're naked but oh, how we feel the knowledge!

garments once bright
lost that great light
excommunion … leave thou Eden's Garden!

thistle and thorn
raise wheat and corn
sacrifice a lamb so you have modest clothing

childbirth in pain
first son named Cain
tilled he the land his sacrifice was not accepted

Abel was type
always did right
sacrificed to God a lamb as was instructed

anger in Cain
killed Abel great shame
vagabond marked no one can ever kill him

so now you see
problems for you for me
original sin we need a savior

third child arrives
Seth by name survives
The Savior comes right down through his lineage

one glorious night
Bethlehem was starry bright
appeared Prince Immanuel the Light of the world

age 30 baptised
age 33 crucified
He'd preached salvation for you and for me

Christ died He arose
He's alive all is disclosed
Coming again for His children living in the Light

keep hope alive
live right and strive
for God's Kingdom coming and a home by and by

pray to the Lord
stay in His Word
He's coming soon He's even at the door

amen amen
amen again

His Kingdom come again and again AMEN **BJC**