Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What Does it Profit a Man

What Does it Profit a Man

This world has nothing to offer me
Except a lost sinner's unremarkable grave
For between life's start and the finish thereof
Is a few laughs that aren't even close to sincere

The prince of this world is a master of
Deception, wickedness and destruction
He offers toys and some so-called joys
And the assured loss of your election

What profit the world if your soul is lost
And Christ's promise of eternity forfeited
Think carefully, for the way is broad
That leads to sorrow and soul affliction

You can look forward to spills, and lots of cheap thrills
Dread disease, broken homes, and fear
Your toys then become terrors that bleach the soul
Until it's like dead bones in the valley of decision

That, my friend, is all that's left
When you seek after this world
With all its greed, and need for speed
That put you on the wrong side of heaven

Forgive me, but I will not walk with you
This world has nothing to offer me
I prefer the narrow path, hard though it be
That leads me to Christ for Eternity. **BJC**