Monday, October 20, 2014

What Wondrous Love

What Wondrous Love

He loves me.
Why should I care?
I didn't ask Him!
Please go away!

He offers me gifts.
I don't want them!
I didn't ask Him!
Please go away!

He promises life –
No sorrow, no shame!
I didn't ask Him!
He wouldn't go away!

He pleaded!
He beseeched!
He loves me!
Oh, did He teach!
He was willing!
He died!
He went away!
I cried!

Three days later He arose
Defeated the foe
Went to the Father up above
Oh, how I need HIM!

Heart opened now
I am in love
He sent His Spirit
Showed more love
Bless His name
He despised the shame
He will come again –
I really need HIM!

Oh, praise our God
Jesus bore all for love
Of you and me
He'll come again
'Tis very plain
To destroy the last
Vestige of sin's stain
And at last His Beloved Bride claim –
HE's coming for ME!

Praise to our God who
Time, and again
Redeeming Love
His Heart proclaimed
I love HIM
Oh, I love HIM so
Through Grace of God
I'm not letting go –