Sunday, November 30, 2014

Do Not Listen To Satan!

Do Not Listen to Satan!

I told you do not to listen to that Old Satan

He is not your friend, I believe is what I said!

He's just trying to take you away from Jesus

Any means, any method, using women and often other men!

Satan, he does not like us humans

He despises the very essence of common man

Because, to him, we have taken what should have been his

And given it to Jesus, the Christ, the Prince Immanuel!

Satan dislikes, e'en loathes, anything that our King loves

He proved that fact, in First Man's Eden home

He longs for the praise, and the worship, that belongs to

He who sits upon the Everlasting Throne!

Don't believe him, when he says, that he can give you

The desires, and even the very longings of your heart!

He tried that one once, oh, yes, with his Creator!

He only wants to get you to walk into the dark!

Take you a lesson, in survival, from our King Jesus

When he was tempted, of Old Satan, long ago!

Jesus said: It is written! Get thee behind me!

Worship God! Eating bread is not everything!

Please, do not let, old Satan, catch you off-guard

Be thou prepared – like Gideon's 300 men

Be alert, on your guard, listen, look out for danger

Trusting in Him whose word will always conquer sin!

Bless the Lord! Worship the King! Trust not in fables!

Trust not your eyes, your ears, nor the longings in your heart

Seek not the world, its dainties, nor its bounties

Look to your Lord, the King of Everything!

Read the Word, not cunning fables, don't listen to smooth words

Which are designed for the be-knighting of the soul

Don't give in to him – Satan wants only our soul death!

Give in to Jesus, the King of Everything!

Give your all to Jesus, the King of Everything!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

SABBATH - An Acrostic


S abbath is a memorial of God's creative work
A llowing those who remember to receive
B lessings from above
B e still, and put away your work and rest, and
A ttend to your Creator
T he Holy One, The King of Heaven, our
H igh Priest – Jesus Christ, the Lord!

Friday, November 28, 2014

HE - The Lord of The Sabbath - is Here!

Thank You, Father, for the blessing of another Sabbath in Your Presence!

He is Here by The Gaither Vocal Band

Ode to Christian Education

In times of change, the LEARNER will inherit the earth
while the LEARNED will be beautifully equipped
for a world that no longer exists. — Eric Hoffer, American Philosopher

I don’t know about the rest of you
But I grew up in a church school
It all started on a Monday morning
When we had to line up in a long queue

There were children from first form to fifth
And the smaller ones in something called Prep
But the bottom line that I can tell you about
Is that there were no shoulders carrying chips!

We had to study all the usual stuff
Mathematics, English, History and the like
We also had to learn to do a craft
Just in case the economy didn’t last

The emphasis at our church school, was on raising good students
Good people, and especially good citizens for the world to come
So naturally we had to study our memory verses
And learn about something called Facing Life!

I remember my first form teacher, Sister Josiah
Big of heart and body too
She taught me that I could do anything
And showed me how to prove it too!

Sister Watts taught us girls home economics,
Sewing, crochet, embroidery, and cooking
She said any woman who had skills like these
Would always know how her family to feed

Brother Forde taught us our Facing Life class
Dealing with everything from relationships to dealing with self
He taught us that we needed to be strong decision-makers
Never fearful to take care of our selves!

I remember having a terrible temper, and one day was asked to apologize
The apology wasn’t deserved, I didn’t feel sorry, and it showed
So Sister Bayne, our principal, she called me aside, and said
Betty! If you don’t mean it, don’t ever compromise!”

Our church school went further than was necessary
And brought in a celebrity guest to teach,
Her name was Marva Manning and I’ve never forgotten
Anything that she said in her speech

Ms. Manning taught us about dressing on a budget
And how to get our clothing to segue from day to night
She taught us how to be quietly elegant
And how to modulate our voices just right!

And finally there was my fifth form teacher
Sister Maitland, that was her name
She’s the person I’ll always remember
Because of a wonderful game she played.

It was our last semester in high school
When Sister Maitland said she could tell us, each one, who we were
Of course no one believed her
And then the Class was in total uproar!

Sister Maitland had a new name for every student she taught
Which she said epitomized the attributes we displayed
I remember waiting with bated breath
Until my name Sister Maitland gave!

My name, according to the good Sister
Was “Always Willing to Try!”
She explained that that name suited me perfectly
Because I was never afraid to give life a try!

In all the years since I’ve left my church school
I’ve tried valiantly to live up to my second given name
And I can tell you without fear of contradiction
That I have proudly lived up to, and worn, my name!

The results of many of the lessons we learnt
Were often not obvious until we left school
And that was when respect for self, and others, and faith in our Almighty God
Carried us forth to live life most nobly

Our teachers were men and women of great faith
Who strongly believed that teaching was their calling to serve
They loved us, each one, as if we were their own special child
And proudly taught us and guided us to the Word.

So, if you still have doubts about, the value of a Christian education
Look around you as we celebrate today
You’ll see gallant men, noble women, willing workers, lifelong learners, not one shirker

Gladly serving each other in the world, through the Word. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanks Giving! - An Acrostic


Thanksgiving is not just about food, family, fun favorite films and friends. In reality, Thanksgiving is all about:

T  hinking
H  ow 
A  wesome and
N  aturally and never-endingly
K  ind our
S  avior and
G  od is for
I   mputing to us His
V  alues, and
I   mparting to us a willingness to accept His
N  ecessary
G  race so that we may be saved!

I am THANKFUL for 



For What are YOU thankful?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Prayer to Receive a Mustard Seed Faith

Father, have mercy on me.
With every passing day of my life
I realize more and more that I lack faith.
I talk all the time about how much faith I have in You
And how I know that You will never fail me nor forsake me.
Problem is, Father, it is a very shallow faith because it works
As long as things go how I want them to go. 
Father, I am sorry for this good time faith that I have been practicing 
Whereby I have been looking at my situation, and not at You,
And I ask You, in mercy, to give me enduring faith. 
I am pleading, Lord, for the faith, the mustard seed faith
Of which the Master spoke. I need that faith which
lets me sit, or rest, in quiet and enduring confidence, 
Unshaken at the convulsions taking place around me. 
Help me to forget what tomorrow holds and, instead,
Remember Who holds tomorrow.
Help me to submit my will, and my way, to You and help me 
To accept, without murmur or complaint,
That all my trials are for the perfecting of my character.
Grant me, Lord, faith as big as a mustard seed
So that I can not just say that I have faith,
But that I will be unwavering in my belief that I truly have 
The faith which orders my life, so that my life, and living, will be an
Exemplar of Your faith, and faithfulness, working in me.
I ask this mercy in the matchless name of Christ, the King,
And I thank You for the gift that is today.

Oh, For a Faith That Will Not Shrink
by Morgan State University Alumni Choir

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Prayer for The Fruits of the Spirit

Heavenly Father,
Have mercy on me because I am not happy.
Father, I am not happy because I just found out that I not only look like my daddy, 
but I also have his character.  
I lie, cheat, steal, and I bear false witness against my neighbors.
I am selfish and disobedient, and often walk in my own way.
I totally lack self-control and am often faithless to those in charity with me.
I may not like making a noise but, oh, how I enjoy causing a good riot.
I am not a nice person and I am asking You, my Heavenly Father
to make me like You!
I ask You, in the name of Jesus Christ the Righteous to
give me Your DNA, Your character. I want, no, I need the fruits of Your Spirit.
Grant me love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, kindness, forbearance, 
Self-control, and faithfulness. 
Lord, I really need the self-control and
I am pleading for the working of Your Holy Spirit to
help me to will and to do of Your good pleasure.
I don't want to be like my daddy anymore.
I need to become like You, my Father.
Have mercy, and bless.

Monday, November 24, 2014

I Am Not Judging Him!

Dear Ones,

I pray that all is well with you, and with yours!

I am not a happy camper, and justifiably so! I will explain.

I Am Not Judging Him!" is written especially for the ladies amongst the brethren who mistakenly believe that every pastor, elder, lay preacher, teacher, and more, is a vessel specifically chosen by the Almighty God and, as such, are sanctified for His service, and are living circumspect lives, i.e., above reproach. Nothing can be further from the truth!

Many of these so-called ministers of the gospel called themselves, and they are laying siege, and laying waste, to many of members of the Lord's flock, whilst at the same time crying "Touch not the Lord's anointed!" What drivel!

Please, ladies, I beg of you, stop letting these unregenerate  ministers make you believe that you must submit to them no matter what they call upon you to do.

Please remember that the Lord has no fools  (i.e.,  Psalm 14:1The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God " They are corrupt, they have committed abominable deeds; There is no one who does good.) in His Kingdom.

And, for heaven's sake, stop prefacing every thing you say with: "Pastor said this" and "Pastor said that!" He is NOT Jesus Christ, and he definitely can't do anything to save you!

God Almighty gave you a brain to use for YOURSELF so before you put your mouth in gear favoring these jackals, take your brain out of park, and ask God what HE says!

Rant over.

Be well, and be gloriously blessed,


I Am Not Judging Him!

I am not judging him!
The Bible said by their fruits we will know them
And he is an ackee tree bearing hog plums!
I am not judging him!

I am not judging him!
He is always preaching to the young people about fidelity
Yet he asked me a “question,” and he also has a wife!?!
I am not judging him!

I am not judging him!
He shouted to me - in front of everybody - to wait for him in his office after service!
Stupid me! I waited, and he pounced, and that heathen even tore my flounce!
I am not judging him!

I am not judging him!
He wanted me to type a letter as he dictated
Said letter to my chest whilst ... and he was inebriated, too!
I am not judging him!

I am not judging him!
What gave him the right to call my house after hours
To ask me to “comfort” him and tell him what "color unmentionables" I am wearing!
I am not judging him!

I am not judging him!
He is creating his own judgment
By being a Judas goat among the Lord's sheep and lambs!
I am not judging him!
I am NOT judging him!
Jesus Christ

Matthew 7:18-23 (KJV)

18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Old Saint

The Old Saint

The Old Saint sat down by her bedside
The old chair fit her body like a glove
The old Bible in her hand was worn smoothly
The old words on her warm heart still moved

Those old words in the Book became new each morning
The Old Saint's old faith became renewed
The old Bible's old treasures just glistened  
For new life is contained inside them

Each line on the old face told a story
Each line on the old hand told a chore
Each line around old eyes spoke of a vision
Every line spoke that story of old

Old religion, old faith, old mercy
Old peace, old love, old grace
Old Jesus, old cross, old resurrection
For new life everlasting is the goal

The Old Saint's old body will be new soon
Her old faith had seen new mercy every day
Her old faith unshaken, she'll see the new city
That city called by all Jerusalem

The Old Saint had said her old prayer for 40 years now
It comforted her to talk to Him each and everyday
She felt prepared for battle, and emboldened
For her Lord will be coming any day

Heavenly Father:
Keep this old heart faithful to the end, please!
Keep these old eyes trained by faith on my Jesus
The same one Old Satan denied, and then tried.
Oh, Lord, no matter the pain
No matter the change or sacrifice
Keep me faithful, for I want my prize
Just give me any old mansion in the skies.
My heart is content
My body may be bent
But my faith in my Jesus I won't relent.
My spirit feels young
To Jesus I belong
Bless me, save me, e'er long
I love you, Lord, will forever be my song.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

I Will WAIT For YOU!! by Janette...Ikz

Dear Ones!

I just had to share this poetry performance and poet with you!

This young lady, Janette ...Ikz (love the play on the word!!) has done an amazing work that speaks to alllllll of us women who have known the pain and frustration of waiting, and waiting, and still waiting for him when all we needed to do was wait on HIM!! I love it!

Give a listen! She tells the story like only a survivor can!

Enjoy, and be blessed!


Not Big Enough to Fight God

Not Big Enough to Fight God

The great religious teachers
Profess God's people to lead
To the Gates of Paradise
Problem is Perdition's the steed!

Each of these great teachers
Has a pulpit upon which s/he stands
The Word of God to deliver
Problem is it is all a great sham!

One teacher teaches self-actualization
One teacher teaches God's a man
One teacher teaches God is a woman
Problem is they don't teach God's plan!

Another teacher teaches prosperity gospel
Yet another teaches feel-good theology
Then a third teaches spiritualism
Problem is none of it is found in the Word!

Yet again, another teacher wants your scarce dollars
Yet again, another teaches planting seeds
Yet again, another teaches that you're a god, too
Problem is they're taking us all for fools!

These teachers think they have God on the defensive
These teachers even believe their words are holy writ
These teachers believe their dainties protect them
Problem is His vengeance is at the gate!

God is not a man – He can't be mocked!
God is not a tool – He can't be fooled!
Don't be foolish, teachers – He's the creator!
You're a creature – Get wise! You can't win!
Don't be foolish! Hear now! He can't lose!

You were made! He's the Maker!
You were made for His pleasure! He's in charge!
He sees all! He knows all! He's ever-present!
Give up the fight! Accept Him! He IS the Lord!

God's people, please listen, I beseech you
To the messages the Three Angels bring
Don't be deceived, or led astray: get the Book now!
No problem: heed the messages, and leave false teachers, please vow!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Prayer: Father, Have Mercy On Us!

Father, have mercy on us!
All around us we see that evil is become good,
And good has become evil.
Every where it almost seems as though
Your believing children are forsaken ...
Father, have mercy on us in these harsh
And cruel times where it is already being said
that Jesus Christ is not the only answer
Or the only way Home
And that the Holy Bible is not the Sacred Word!
Father, help us to stand firm on Your inerrant Word
And to keep the Faith of Jesus!
Help us, Father, when they denigrate our belief
And hope, and faith, and love, to remember
And to hold on, and to continue trusting
In Our Beloved Christ and His sacrifice!
Help us always to remember that You have
No godchildren, nor grandchildren, nor stepchildren; that 
You are not blind, nor deaf, nor dumb;
That You neither wear dark glasses, nor pyjamas, and that
You, Father, surely don't like ugly, be it personality or practice or policy.
Until that Great and Dreadful Day, keep us
In Your love for Jesus Christ's sake. 
Father, we love You. AMEN


Church Change Came

Church Change Came

Phil A. Dephia and Lao Dicea were two Christians
Who each received letters from The Master today
They were excited for they knew Him personally
And couldn't wait for His words additionally!

Phil and Lao sat down their letters to read
Oh how both their hearts did speed
To hear from The Master – what a thrill
For both knew their hearts He would definitely fill!

They knew that The Master knew them inside and out
They knew a letter from The Master was something to shout about
So with shaky hands, and foreheads gathered
They opened their letters, and read the words tethered!

Phil read his letter and started to cry
For The Master said His Faith Phil had not denied
Even living amongst those who would him kill
He'd kept his garments white and His garden did till!

What made Phil cry and hug the letter to his heart
Was the part where The Master said, in part:
Because thou has kept the word of my patience,
I will also keep thee from the hour of temptation,
Which shall come upon all the world,
To try them that dwell upon the earth (Rev. 3:10)

By now, Lao had finished his letter reading
And knew in his heart he deserved the beating
That he felt he'd received by reading those words
That had become back-belaboring boards!

With tears of contrition, his heart laid bare
Lao re-read the letter, the condemning words to hear:
I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot:
I would thou wert cold or hot.
So then because thou art lukewarm,
And neither cold nor hot,
I will spue thee out of my mouth.
Because thou sayest, I am rich,
And increased with goods,
And have need of nothing;
And knowest not that thou art wretched,
And miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:
I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire,
That thou mayest be rich;
And white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed,
And that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear;
And anoint thine eyes with eye-salve,
That thou mayest see. Rev. 3:15-18

It was then that Lao truly saw the encouraging words
He felt his beloved Master had sent to him
Lao savored those words time and again
And felt renewal of spirit rear up in his soul!

As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten:
Be zealous therefore, and repent Rev. 3:19
Became Lao's reason for loving and living
And encouraging self and others from complacency to take flight!
All was not lost! There was still a kingdom to gain
Plus a seat at His banqueting table!
So it was from that day, that with the Spirit Lao performed
As befitting a child of The Glorious Kingdom!

No more self-serving
No more in corporeal wealth a-gloating
No more wearing one's own garment of state
No more blindness of eye
No more trusting in pie
For The Master had removed the stye from his eye!

Lao now constantly blesses his Master
Thankful for averted disaster
For the chance to clean up his act, and to change
Into a garment of His Righteousness
After casting away the eyeglasses
And becoming the possessor of real and tried gold!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Romans 8:28's Promise

Some days I get really upset when
Things just keep going wrong
It seems everything I touch turns to ashes
And even the short things seem long!

But then I hear the sweet voice of the Spirit
Whispering a very comforting word
To calm my flustered heart, troubled spirit and
Fill my old world with a brand new song!

That's when I sit back and breathe deeply
And a big smile comes over my face
And I think of our God, the Eternal
Who's made provision for believers in the race!

I close my eyes in contentment
And remember the promise He gave
To comfort, compose, and to carry me
When Satan stands up in my face!

... ALL THINGS WORK together for GOOD
To them that love the Lord
And are the called

So, from now on I'm endeavoring to never
Let evil nor malice throw me
For I am on an upward trajectory
And no one's stealing my blessed peace nor sanity!

So, Dear Ones, when your life is in a tailspin
Remember Romans 8 verse 28
Lift your hands, bless the Lord, and shout aloud, and
Tell Satan he's a dollar short, and one day too late!



Believers are Blessed

 Believers are Blessed

We clothe ourselves with humility
We arm ourselves with prayer
We bow before God as supplicants
We cast on Him every care and seek rest

We seek His will for our lives
We treasure His every word
His stripes are those that heal us
His tears our eyes wash and refresh

He has prepared for us a table
He anoints with oil our heads
He fills our cups to overflowing
He has fashioned us white robes and glittering crowns

We do not want for anything
He is our all and all
He by still waters lead us
We have nothing to fear should we die

He heals us all with His stripes
He doth sin-sick souls restore
He in righteous paths daily lead us
He makes us by green pastures rest

Sin cannot take us away from Him
He paid sin's price for our paths
His mercy and goodness shall follow us
While our lives on this earth shall last

And when at last through the valley
Of death's shadow we seemingly descend on our own
We have nothing to fear in the darkness
For He never leaves us by ourselves, all alone

Soon the trumpet of the Archangel resounding
Shall wake the dead and the living alert
All we who have placed our faith in the Savior

And we shall live in His House for eternity

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Prayer for When Hearts are Burdened

Father, sadness is all around
For the burdened, the bothered and the bullied
Who are searching for a way to find rest from these earthly woes.
Please provide a balm to soothe their troubled minds, and help them
to find Your peace.

Father, sickness is all around
And were not for Your Word
We would be scared.
Please help us to always keep in our minds that You are the Great Physician,
And there is always a Balm in Gilead.

Father, death is all around
And were it not for Your Word
We would be sorrowful. But, blessedly, You have taught us
Not to mourn as the heathen do, and to comfort each other
With the knowledge that the dead in Christ shall rise first and we
Who are alive, and remain, shall be caught up together with them
To meet our Lord in the air. What a blessed assurance!

Oh, Father, draw us nearer to You as we reach for You
In our distresses. Open our eyes to see You clearer
And clearer still, with every passing hour. Help us to
Stand upon the Blessed Words of Life and Comfort
As we live our lives as strangers for a Cause.

Father, we beseech You for a glimpse of glory for just a fleeting moment.
Give us strength to stand upon the shore today.
Oh, come, Great Lord, and take us to our eternal home in glory
Where the old order is forever gone, and all is peace. 
Until then, guard, guide, and protect us from the wiles of the devil
And provide us with care and comfort, help and healing
All according to Your Will and in You way.
These mercies we ask in the name of King Jesus, and we
Thank You for hearing and answering our prayers.
We love You.


Hold Fast to Your Allegiance

Hold Fast to Your Allegiance

Hold fast to your allegiance
Jesus is coming very soon
Be thou always at the ready
E'er morning or night or noon!

Pray, pray without ceasing
Wrestle, wrestle thou with thy Lord
Bury, bury thyself in the treasury
That treasury that speaks faith and reward!

Dig, dig deep, ever deeper
Seek out its hid treasures each day
Live always the life of the faithful
Please, please don't turn away!

Yon sinner may loudly deride you
Yon sinner may seek even your life
Don't fear him, he cannot really harm you
Your soul is not open to his strife!

Hold fast, hold fast to thy allegiance
Swift help's already on the way
Let no one rob you of your reward for
King Jesus is coming any day!





Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Bible is a Sword!

The Bible is a Sword
That we must learn to wield
Not flash around all showy like
And acting ignorant in our zeal!

What point having a sword to wield
And not knowing how to use it
When we whip it out to make a charge
And chop off our own nose with it?

We must become great warriors
Fully trained with our weapons
Our bodies honed, our eyesight keen
Pride put away, and our haughty spirits cleaned!

Let us endeavor from today
To learn our scripture every day
Let us not be puffed up, nor loud
And, instead, let us do King Jesus proud!



Opposers of The Truth

Opposers of The Truth

Trust not your soul to the opposers
Those who don't love the Word
Read you the Bible for yourself
It is God's immutable Word!

Those dread opposers of the Truth
Do not have a valid opposition
And they only oppose the Truth because
It makes true believers question their earthly tradition!

They also oppose the Truth because
It gives the masses power
And strength to stand up, and loudly say
"Lord, please take this stumbling-block away!"

The Truth opposers are separated from
The poor, the meek, the frail
By wealth, position, learning and
The rarified air they inhale!

They love not Jesus nor His Word
They've chosen Satan as their lord
And all around they feint and confound
Preferring destruction to turning around!

These men and women who oppose
The transcript of God's character
Try to deny Jesus access to the child
Who would upon Him safely rely!

They oppose, then propose new rules by which
Mere mortals should unerringly abide
Do what thou wilt!” is their song and chant
For that vile devil did them enchant!

Through seven church ages – six have passed
These opposers have been so bombastic
Deftly exalting human authority – what nerve
Over individual conscience – it's a curse!

Every human received at its conception
A free will, and a conscience, without exception
Which both inherently know to do the right
But doing the right seems oft' to come with a fight!

Let no man, parent, church nor the state
Remove from your will your conscience to activate
For each man, alone, will the Judgment seat face
And before the Lord his accounts he must state!

Each account is settled according to the work
Even the lengthy account of the Arch Deceiver!
For King Jesus is bringing each man his reward
As none can hide his account from God, the Lord!

So associate you not with The Truth opposers
Learn for yourself – The Word is not still!
Do not try to oppose God – you cannot win!
And the opposers of The Truth, they cannot you fill!